Wyred 4 Sound STI-1000 - upgrades/tweaks

For those who are curious of this amp

(or own it and use it as is.)

I am talking of the integrated STI amp, from Wyred 4 Sound.

The amp is good as is, but give it about 150 hours to settle. It is a little bright but smoothen out.
Starting this thread, is not about the STI as is.
It's a finger point about what it can achieve with some small upgrades.

* PS Audio - critical link fuses
* PS Audio - Perfectwave AC-12

It might be regarded as silly to talk of fuses!?

But, fact is, if you buy the critical link fuses from PS Audio, things happen. The inner detail and air improves quite a bit. The amp is fast and transparent as is. But with the 2 fuses installed, you will clearly notice the inner detail, focus and air improves.

Listening, suggest it is more like seeing through a clean window.

It is clearly more evident at recordings, which is about ambience and reverb.

I also tried a few powerchords, both before and after the fuse upgrade. After the fuse upgrade, gains of PC's improve even more.

I tried; Signalcable magical ref, JPC 2.5, JPS (don't know it's model name), Entreq Basic and PS Audio Perfectwave AC-12.

In short, a larger diameter cable, will give more impact and weight.

I have to admit, the best all over PC (in this group) was and is PS Audio Perfectwave AC-12.

In conjunction with the fuses mentioned, the amp is climbing high.

It has bettered at all areas. The Perfectwave AC-12 sounds most linear with this amp.

2 of the PC's proved slight change in linearlity - not good.

The top is very detailed and offers air and delicate smootness,

microdetail and focus is very good. The midrange has now more weight and richness no swollen or blurr.

Bass offers greater impacting, i firmer punch and more nuance.

Speed and focus is great.

I sense no grain or harshness as could be before the first 100 hours.

I often just listen, as often, i can't help listening critcal.

The tiny events in the background has to be in focus, as is my craving for impact, punch and dynamical contrast.

I find it all here, i also find a relaxed way of delivering with no harsh transients or pronouncing sticking out.

I'd like to point out, this is not saying the amp is a sleeper!

It's of control and focus with complex multilayered music. It is relaxed in terms of control and offers as i remember, somewhat similarities of my former Krell units (cx series). Not as dark, and smoother.

I would recommend, if buying this amp, let the budget find room for the PS Audio fuses and the Perfectwave AC-12.

So much is the amp improving and i would say they are so right for each other.

I firmly believe, after the first most critical 150 hours and with the "upgrades" in place, the amp has what most would be happy with.
Then you'll realize the full size of this combo, as the last veil uncurtains.

This amp retail for $2500 + the PS Audio fuses and PC. Is close to $1000. I was about to check Krell FBI closer.

But i can say in all honesty, looking in perspective, i am happy with this and it is a bargain.

Would i buy this amp from scrach new, again, i would have bought the critical link fuses and perfectwave ac-12 directly.
There is no way around that - So good it is!!!

Don't forget to use a wristband so that you'll induce no static when changing fuses.

Wyred 4 Sound are very nice and will guide you.

They also inform you, what fuses you need.

It is not that difficult, anyone can do it.

I am sorry i can't explain any better, but again, i think many would more than, like the combo.
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This is one of few amps I would turn 24/7 without turning off.
I have the STI-500 and it is working very well with the MAC audio cables including the HC Sound Pipes power cord that lists for a mere $150. It's better than the stock cord for sure.

I'm interested in the PS fuses you mentioned... I'm assuming you need to take the amp all apart (a whole bunch of screws need to come out) to get to them, is that correct?
Also, what is the price of the fuses?
Plato, you'll notice the amp sounds as if it's got an even better preamp in it. It'll react even more to cable changes.
Fuses give you better inner detail, transients, air and a stability in each individual event of sound, the decay of each is more clearly rendered. Bass has more nuance.
PS Audio Perfectwave perform excellent with this amp. What it do is that it makes a better control and ease, the muscle proves when it come to weight, impact and more forceful drive. You'll also noltice the smooth edges and a slight ricness. Detail is all there, rendered with a smooth flow. It seems that nothing is on the downside.

I tried to get in contact with MAC, but they never answered.
Remove all torx screws (T10 tool). Even the screws at the front. The fuses are housed at the modules, one for each module. 2 all in all. These fuses are located close to the front of the amp (easy to detect).
Inside the amp you have 2 chords running along the side of the chassis. Looking in rear perspective, it is at the left side of the amp. You have one snap lock at each cable, just pull this gently - straight up. There is also a flat cable running from presection, i did not remove the lock at this cable. Fuses are about $30 each.
Do contact W4S for a good description of this job, and maybe they can sell fuses to you. They are very nice so just mail them and ask.

IMHO, this amp is so good now, i wished i had found it earlier. That had saved me alot of money. I have no wish to change it for another. I can't imagine anyone going wrong with this unit, especially with fuses and perfectwave ac-12.
I have been debating on trying a class D amp from whyred. However after reading your post about buying a $1500 mono amp (I want the 1000w model for my old infinity kappa speakers) and then spending another $1000 on some upgrades, would I be better of just buying a amp that costs $2000-2500 ea and then not need those upgrades?

I was looking at the Seymour amps, I like how they have a soft clipping protection & are similarly priced to the whyred products.
Any amp will be upgraded by better power cables and fuses.
Cullen sells upgraded cables for $80. Wyred amps have better parts than competitors and superior sound.
the more I read it definantly seems like they are the best Class D out there

Another question, I see they do multi channel versions of their amp. Does it matter in the SQ department if I would go with 4 - 500w amps & a 250w amp in the same chassis so 500x2 would go to my mains, 500x2 subs & 250w to my center? It seems to be a LOT cheaper going that route vs 4 - 5 monoblock amps. Sinc all the amps would be sharing a single power cord is there a difference in SQ with a few monoblocks vs 1 multi channel amp?

Call Rick at Wyred, he'll point you in the right direction.
i don't think you'll be sorry or unhappy with W4S amps.
I have owned really expensive equiptment, so if i honestly tell you - this is stomping good. I am not lying to you.
I would go for the most powerful amp of them if i were you.
Swing the monos if you go separates. Or go for the STI-1000. I am sure they'll sell you the amp with fuses installed if you want that. I am just a 2-channel dude, that is why i went STI.
Preamps offer so many in/out puts etc etc that i would never use,... + more cables are needed etc.
You can hook up a second power amp if you want more power than the STI-1000 offer.
In my opinion STI amps are extremely price worthy amps. You'll have to climb very high to better this one. Even if tweaks seems expensive, they are not a must in the begining. The amp would run well with cheaper PC's. MAC offers a great one (Burly i think), Audio sensibility too (the one with RFI blockers is told to be really good). Just buy a big one for a starter:) Fuses are not expensive really.
Again Viggen, i missed some parts i noticed.
Try email or call EJ or Rick as Magnum pointed out.
They'll surely sort it out for you.
I have an STI 500. I replaced the stock fuses w/ SR Red fuses which are sold on Agon. I then added an FMS PC which i plugged directly into the wall using a furutech GTX outlet. These uprades brought the amp to an entirely new level of performance. Every aspect was better! I could list all the audiophile improvements but I will say the amp just sounds more like real music. I highly recommend all of these upgrades. Was I really happy w/ the stock amp? Honestly no. I am quite happy w/ the amp now, but we all hear differently and we all have a sound in which we are familiar. The amp definitely will reflect all changes. I totally disagree w/ one on the product reviews which stated the STI wasn't particular about PC's. I tried 4 different PC's and all had their own sonic signatures. I settled on the FMS. Happy listening to all.
I have the STI-1000 amp and will like to replace the fuse with the SR red fuse but cant find the fuse on the amp. How can I have access to the fuse? I see in the back it says circuit breaker but dont know if that is where the fuse is. I dont want to break anything....

I just bought this amp based on the 6moons review. I got the upgraded version with the wbt and kimber wire upgrades. I'm very interested in the fuse upgrade. Can we get a step by step guide?