Wyred 4 Sound or Peachtree audio

Hi,I am looking to buy a int.amp to drive my Magnepan 3.6's,I was looking at Peachtree & Wyred for sound as they both make int. amps with power from 700 to 1000 watts into 4 ohms.I am currently using Coda amp & preamp that is about 380 watts into 4 ohms. Will I hear a big difference in these amps compared to what I am using ? I am also using a McIntosh & Pioneer elite for transports into a peachtree I-dac for my digital end.I guess what I am trying to accomplish is to get more slam out of my maggies with less components.Are the newer class D amps as good sounding as a class a/b amp.I am open to any suggestions,thanks
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Currently running a pair of Wyred4sound SX1000's driving Magnepan 3.3/r's and couldnt be happier.

They replaced some rogue tube gear, and while not tubey in that tubey happy distortion way, they make the magnepan's sing. That there is effertless and ample power means to me that the speakers are never wanting for power.

The rest of the system is Cullen modded PSAudio GC200 preamp ,Modded GCPH phono, Musical fidelity Dac and squeezebox or ID player.

I dont think that the amps are holding anything else back from the source, and they effortlessly drive the maggies. Ive run moderate power tubes, more esoteric solidstate, and to me the W4S with more power than I need has been a better match.

Maybe a stupid large tube amp might be good, but that isnt in the budget any time soon.,
Just purchased the new Wyred ST1000 mk2 for my Maggies, sweet.
I've got the Peachtree Grand Integrated X-1 (440wpc) powering Wilson Benesch Arcs...obviously not as demanding a load, but the amp previously had to drive some 84dB sensitivity B&W and those were harder to drive and the Grand pushed them beautifully. I've never owned W4S stuff, but read great things about it. I also have an Audio Research tube integrated in another room, using EH6550 tubes, and I've done some side-by-side comparisons just for kicks and in a blind test I don't think I could tell the Peachtree apart from the Audio Research, other than that the Peachtree can get much louder. That the Peachtree sounds every bit as good as the Audio Research says a lot about how far Class D amps have come, and how good they sound relative to class A/B amps, at least in my case. I bet either way, Peachtree or W4S, those Maggies would absolutely sing.
Just caught the other part of your question - about fewer components. That was my goal too - I like that the Grand has a built in ESS9018 DAC with asynch USB, makes my system so simple, just one device for pre, amp, and DAC, fewer cables, less space needed, less heat. I know W4S makes the same kind of fully integrated components, I think it's a great trend. I'm in Arizona, and in summertime it's too hot to have lots of components throwing off heat. Simple is so nice.
Well,all I can say is the Grand X1 is every bit as smooth sounding as just about any a/b solid state amp.I have long standing admirer of Mark Levinson amplifier,and probably the best amps ever made in their price! But I would live to see the day that a class D ,or switching amplifier could stack up against MK products or even Krell for that matter! I myself do not presently drive loads that require gobs of power( Gemme Tanto V 2s) at a rating of 92.5 sensitivity,but my Tantos can handle all of the Peachtrees 770 wpc can throw at them!But the real surprise came when i brought them to buddys house who owns a pair of Eggleston Andras that are being driven by a Krell FPB 700 cx.Even though the Krell had incredible iron fist like grip on the power hungry Andras,the Peachtree was a close second for authotitary in control and power.But what was just as amazing was how musical the Grand X 1 was in comparison to the Krell.I personally have no experience with the W4S amps,but have also read many great reviews on them also.
Zyac39, I think the Grand X1 probably gets overlooked because Peachtree doesn't have the name panache like some other higher-end brands. And maybe because the rest of the Peachtree line sits under the $2K mark, people just think of them only within that specific budget category and the Grand X1 gets lost in the shuffle. Having now lived with mine for more than a year, I consider it not just a statement piece for Peachtree, but a superb component. But it does fly under the radar for most people.