Wyred 4 Sound - New Aura preamp? Anyone know anything? No response from the company ...

New gear was introduced at RMAF but have not seen anything since.

Just curios.

Thank you.
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I found out that it’s expected mid next year. Final details are being worked out with an improvement over the existing STP-SE.

Can’t wait. 
Aura preamp ($2,999) and Aura 1200M monos ($3,998 pair) reported here:

and here:

And here are also PDFs describing them here:

Aura preamp looks like an upgraded STP-SE, and the monos likely based on Icepower 1200AS modules with the ICEedge tech.
Actually, it looks like the preamp pricing for the standard version will start at $3999. There’s a possibility of an upgraded version with pricing to be determined after introduction.
Yes, the STP-SE Stage 2 costs $3,749 so the new one should be more expensive. 
I have the STP-SE Stage 2 and it is absolutely fantastic. Compared to the original STP-SE that I had, the Stage 2 is more alive, open, has a bigger sound stage and is just very natural. 

I can’t imagine what the Aura might be like if it’s better. That could be a difficult task because my Stage 2 is awesome.
Agreed. love my STP-SE with my homemade mods. trying to determine if i should keep upgrading mine or save my pennies. wonder how much better aura is than stage 2 mods?
I also have an STP-SE with Stage 2 mods.  In addition I had EJ install Kimber silver wire for the input and output wiring mostly out of curiosity.  That being said, the Kimber silver wire made an appreciable difference both in the imaging - i.e. better spatial definition of images and separation of voices and instruments  - as well as improving the quality of the treble - notably more refined.   EJ had similar comments prior to my receiving the modified unit when he compared the modified unit to a stock Stage 2 STP-SE. I have had a number of excellent preamps from well known high end manufacturers and am in no rush to change preamps but am  curious to learn what EJ and company have produced with the new Aura preamp.