Wyred 4 sound mint vs. peachtree nova

Has anyone done a side by side comparison between these two digital integrateds? I currently have a sonos 120 (55 watt digital amp) I am looking at a Sonos connect that can pair with digital integrated. I have some small bookshelf speakers -87 db, with a sub to assist with the low end. Is there anyone in the same "audio boat" as myself? I am not interested in separates or large equipment. I am not unhappy with my current setup, but I think my system will improve with more power. Will I be impressed with the new possible configuration? I have heard from walter at underwood hifi and he is really impressed with W4S Mint Integrated paired with the Sonos Connect."

I have had a Peachtree Nova in the past and currently have a W4S DAC-2. I found the DAC-2 to be more analytical than the Nova. Not too much, just more than the Nova.
Has anyone bought this little integrated?
Any dealer thoughts?
W4S Mint is probably too new for many or any folks here to have much experience. Certainly these seem very comparable products. Only thing I have seen written up on the Mint is the 6moons review. And in general, Walter at Underwood has never steered me wrong. Great guy to work with.