Wyred 4 sound MC 5

My sunfire cinema grand blew up a channel this week.I am thinking of getting the MC5(3 * 500 + 2*250) configuration.I see a lot of reviews and opinions about the STI and STP but few notes about Multi channel amps.
Is the MC 5 using the same modules as the ST500?

Give W4S a call at 1 805 237 2113. You'll most likely get to talk to Rick Cullen or EJ Sarmento and if they're not the best to answer your question, nobody is. ;-)
I own an MC4 (2*500 + 2*250) and I love it! It stays powered up all the time and is always ready to play. It uses only a little bit of electricity at idle and puts out a lot when needed. Aside from all the practical reasons to own one the sound is excellent. I have compared it to a Spectral DMA-180 in my system and the Spectral was only a touch more detailed, just a touch. I beleive all the W4S amps use the ICE modules, and now all have the same input buffer. The input impedance of 64K is adequate for either passive or active preamps. Break-in is the usual 100 hours or so.
As an FYI I use an Integra DHC9.9 as my preamp and monitor audio GS20's as my speakers.Mostly listen to music with a mini-mac optical connection to the pre-amp.I am definitely looking for 1 multi-channel amp.
Update:I now own the mc5 .Much better than my sunfire.great soundstage
Enjoying music and movies equally