Wyred 4 Sound Dac1 vs. Dac2

Reading lots of favorable reviews. Not seeing much on the Dac 1.

Reading advertisements, seems the big difference as far as features is remote. has anybody compared the sound? is there an appreciable, if any difference?

Thanks in advance. Thinking of using to start a PC-based music server and wondering if I really need to spend the extra $500.
According to Rick and E.J. the sound is the same.
The difference being the "2" will play high res files and has a remote, as you mentioned.
Sweet DAC!
Like to follow this myself.Walter is pretty straight shooter.I asked him briefly (he was at show and had limited time) about this verus the PS unit he sells for much more and he was pretty sold the $$$ value of Wyred but if you needed some of features PS had (major differences).I asked because he a really good deal on PS.If I go SS a Wyred stack seems form all reviews to have a real value (though with amps Walter admitted highs werea bit soft).But I would like to read if anybody had A/B'd them myself.
2bgeorge's response was not entirely accurate. The w4s DAC1 can play high res files, but the USB, and USB only, is limited to 24/96 (and is not asynchronous USB interface, which the DAC2 has).
As I've mentioned in the thread I started (Wyred 4 Sound DAC1 or DAC2?), the built-in digital domain volume control and async USB DAC2 has over DAC1 make a world of difference if one has only digital sources.
I cannot recommend the DAC2 enough for a computer-based system, using the asynchronous USB!
I now have it paired with W4S ST-500 power amp, connected via AudioQuest Columbia XLR.
This combo delivers superb sound at an incredibly low price point for what it offers.
Roscoeiii- your comment about the DAC1 not having Async USB seems really important. This is what Gordon Rankin and Ayre having been touting as the major source of improvement. So unless the DAC chip itself is impervious to jitter, it seems as though the async USB interface is a must and therefore rules out the DAC1 as a competitive option.

I am curious if anyone has really compared this particular piece. Since I am considering this as a cost effective alternative to the Ayre QB-, I would love to hear some comments. (I run J-River on Windows 7)
If USB is not your primary source,
If you don't care about the remote,
Then the dac1 with the $50 supercaps upgrade (ask when you order) is equivalent to the dac2.
But to make sure everyone is clear on Mizuno's post, the DAC1's USB is NOT equivalent to the DAC2's. It may be possible to pay extra to get async USB on the DAC1, and still save some money from the DAC2 if you don't need its other features. You'd have to call Wyred to find out about that. Or go with a USB to coax/BNC adaptor that is async, something like the HiFace.
The USB can be upgraded on dac1, $250,
Don't forget that the DAC-2 has HT Bypass, a huge plus for those who have a integrated HT/2 channel setup.
Dac 2 also has some adjustment of digital filters and a different display.
I went right to the source and asked w4s about the diffence in sonic quality with async USB. They acknowledge that the DAC-1 will not sound as good as the DAC-2 without the upgrading the CAPS ($50) and upgrading to async USB ($250). Since that is only $200 less than buying the DAC-2, not sure it is worth it. Guess they prefer to sell DAC-2.

I am back to thinking about the Ayre QB-9. For my uses, they did the right thing keeping the interfaces simple and putting the design into the quality.
Isn't the Ayre a thousand dollars more?? Wonder if it sounds a thousand dollars better? Anyone compare the W4S Dac 2 and the Ayre QB9
The Ayre is now about $1400 more and used are getting near new price.

Check out Computeraudiophile.com for some comparisons and lot's of reviews of the w4s. There are some comments indicating the bass definition of the QB-9 leaves some wanting more, while the W4s seems to have exemplary bass definition and presence. I have a high regard for Ayre but am leaning now towards the W4s. I will likely listen to the Ayre again now that I have my new GM EOS speakers.
Ok everyone.. I'm not up on my DAC knowleage..I plug my CD player into the DAC then DAC to pre-amp or pre-amp to DAC then DAC to amps? Do I even need a DAC..lol..? So a DAC Converts the Digital signal to an analouge signal..? Is this instead of buying a record player..? Sounds like a sound shaper..? Totally have no idea if I need one or will benifit from having one..Is it a tweak..? I have a Krell KAV300CD into a Bryston BP-25 pre to my Krell FPB350MCX...to my old school B&W 801's... to DAC or not to DAC ..that is the question..Thanks. D.
I recommend you check out the forums here and on the computer audiophile site and start reading the many threads on DAC's and transports. The answers to your questions are already covered.
Gonna try the Wyred4S DAC2..hope it compliments the D-Sonic 500 watter on the way..D.
Well, afteer starting this post, I bought the Dac2 in early Deccember. Used it for a few weeks after burn in as an outboard DAC for my OPPO BD83 and it excelled. Then took advvantage of the asynchronous USB with my PC and was absolutely blown away. Using J River and have about 200 redbook CDs and a few hi res downloads installed. After thirty years in this hobby, I would say that the DAC2 ranks in my top two or three purchases.Glad I spent the money for the asynchronous USB. Happy listening!
hey thanks for the follow up. Just so I can calibrate this to my experience, do you mind describing the rest of your system? I am also interested in what other DACs you have heard for comparison. With 30 years, you probably have a lot of listening experience!
Just hooked up the Dac1 today. Sounds great out of the box and should only get better with time.
Didn't need a preamp nor an asynchronus usb.
Played my iPod/Wadia i170 combo, pretty astounding improvement. Will try the Meridian transport tomorrow.
What's your early impressions Magnumpi? Bright, neutral, etc.?
Definitely more neutral than the Benchmark. Much more detailed than the PS DL3 Cullen modded.
Really close to the Weiss, really starting split hairs at this point with a slight nod to the Weiss.
If we're talking money and value, hands down the Wyred. Just too much money left on the table for music, cables, etc.