wyred 4 sound DAC-2 DSD upgrade

Hello all,

I have been using a W4S DAC-2 for the last few years via its async USB with great success. To say that I like it a lot would be an understatement.
I am now contemplating the DSD only upgrade, mostly to get the galvanic isolation, as I don't have any DSD files at this time. In theory, galvanic isolation should be the last hurdle async USB will have overcome in order to become "as good as it can get".
Is there anyone who did this upgrade (DSD only, not DSD SE) and is willing to share their experience, please?
Thank you very much.
Check out computeraudiophile.com > DAC forum. There was at least one thread with big words for that upgrade.
I had my DAC 2 upgraded to the DSD option (not SE) as soon as it was available last spring for the same reason queried.

I had previously compared USB input into the DAC 2 from a Windows 7 laptop to S/PIDF input from a Marantz SA8003. I found the sound with input from the Marantz to be a bit cleaner sounding. This was done using identical music ripped to the laptop. It was apparent that the USB converter wasn't as good as it could be and I had considered add on converters, but wanted to stay with the one box DAC, power supply etc.

After the upgrade the sound using the USB improved significantly and I think it now sounds better (smoother but no loss of detail) than using the Marantz as a transport. And comparing using ripped hybrid SACDs, the ripped 44.1 files played back through USB to the DAC 2 seem comparable to SACDs played through the SA8003.

I'm happy with the upgrade.
Thank you very much, Mksker. I didn't jump as soon as I saw the upgrade available, and now the upgrade is $500 plus shipping. I know that $500 isn't much in the "crazy world of audiophile prices" ;-) but I was thinking that I could direct that sum elsewhere, with better results.
Your answer will weigh significantly in my decision, that's for certain.
Thanks again.