Wyred 4 Sound Class D Amps ???...........

Some say these are the best class D amps on the market....what do you think?.....
I think there is no best.

I also think five audiophiles in a room together will have five different opinions about which Class D amps they prefer.
Your right...there's no best for everybody but I think Class D amps is the future. These amps have been getting a lot of raves lately... http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/wyred/monos.html and here... http://www.10audio.com/wyred4sound_st1000.htm
...and a few years ago NuForce were getting the raves...and then there were the Bel Canto Reference 1000, and then there were the Patek chip amps, and then the Spectron Musician III SE...and on, and on, and on...

Every month there's a new flavor.
The only way is to try them. I think each new generation seems to deal with another problem inherent in the design. So I guess for a while it will be all up in the air as to which one is best for which type of set up.

Class D amps are the way forward without a doubt, the question is chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?
I think in 4 or 5 years from now class D amps will be one of the best amps on the market..."better than tube amps"... It just a matter of time!
I auditioned the SeymourAV amps instead of the Wyred amps. The SeymourAV won out because:
1) Looks a heck of a lot better (subjective, since most people seems to like the Wyred look - I hate it).
2) 10 year warranty with SeymourAV

They use the same ICE modules. I'm not convinced that the mods from Wyred produce audible differences, despite what some people claim. Yes I'd have to listen for myself to know for sure, but since I hate the looks, there didn't seem to be any point.

As an aside, I have a CI Audio VDA-1 and another with Modwright mods. Despite all the hype about the difference, I could not hear a single difference between them. That's one of many reasons why I'm skeptical of any hype regarding "mods".

Long story short (too late, I know, lol), I returned the SeymourAV and am now a happy owner of a Spectron Musician III SE Mk2.

The SeymourAV amps are excellent amps for the money. There was just a subtle veil at the high end that bothered me. Most people probably wouldn't notice it, and several people have told me it's a common problem with the ICE modules. I didn't notice it with the Spectron, which is why I'm keeping it.

If I was looking for amps for HT, I'd go with SeymourAV. The high freq veil really doesn't matter for HT (you'd never notice it). In fact, I'm waiting for their multi-channel amp to finish out my HT system.
I have been using the Wyred4sound amps for about 9 months now and am very pleased. Previously I had Aragon SS amps and also an ARC tube amp driving B&W 802D's. I now have them bi-amped with a 250W amp with high pass filter driving the highs and a 500W amp driving the bass. They are clean and very neutral and allow the personality of the ARC LS26 and analog section to come through.

I spent some phone time with Rick Cullen at Wyred4sound before the purchase determining what I needed and then he built the best combination for my system. He also explained his mods to the standard ICE modules and the improvement gained. His knowledge closed the deal for me. Cullen Circuits build the amps and they have also been the contract manufacturers for several other name brand audio companies such as PS Audio for the last 20 years.

I'm sure there are other good Class D amps out there as well and I sure can't fault the technology. After 40+ years of 2 channel systems, it's my amp of choice.
do these synergize well with Magnepan 1.6s?

do they have balanced inputs?

the short answer is yes and yes.
Though I haven't had the pleasure to compare Wyred amps to my
Ref 9 se v2s I inquired if an audition is offered like nuforce
Does. I was told you have to buy first and if you return them its
A 20% restock fee. So the audition is not going to happen for

I've gone through the upgrade/mod with my amps and could detect
Each from stock ref 9 to se and then v2. I've been enjoying these
Fine amps now for over 3 years.

I'm with tvad when it comes to this question cause we all hear different.
And that's the reason for all of the product
We are offered to have in our systems.
05-24-09: Audiotomb
do these synergize well with Magnepan 1.6s?
Check the reviews at the website. The Positive Feedback review tried the ST-500 into the Thiel CS-2.4, which, according to its impedance measurements, is a difficult load demanding lots of instantaneous current. To quote the review:
Not only does its impedance drop to 2.73 ohms at 600Hz, but it stays significantly below 4 ohms from 100Hz to 50kHz, and there is a difficult combination of 4.5 ohms magnitude and –45° electrical phase angle at 80Hz.
I figure if the Wyred4Sound can drive that load with ease, it shouldn't have any trouble with Magnepans.
do they have balanced inputs?
Yep, all of 'em.
Johnnyb53, it isn't necessarily the low impedance which is the problem it is the huge phase angle of 45degrees. This means that voltage and current are 'out of phase' by that much. Some amplifiers, notably tubes balk at such loads.
I don't 'member off hand, which way is the worst for tubes.....
Also, as if that weren't enough, the phase angle in degrees results in a little gem called Power Factor. This means that you simply don't deliver all the power you think you are paying for.
Many 'bad' amp/speaker combinations are simply a speaker/amp mismatch. Either may do well with other components.