Wyred 4 Sound and Thiels

Has anyone tried Wyred 4 Sound with Thiels? I am considering a W4S STI 500 integrated amp for use with Thiel 1.6's. Also, would you upgrade to the STI 1000 if I ultimately plan to use with Thiel 2.4's. Thanks
I would like to know the same thing. Just this week I was at local audio dealer and mentioned I might want to try the Wyred 4 Sound class D power amp with some Thiel CS 3.6's that I am considering buying. He replied that this would not be a good synergy and that the sound would be too thin. I believe him but wonder is this something that can be remedied with proper break in and using different power cords and interconnects....
Sorry not to contribute, but I, too, would like to know how a high powered ICE amp might sound with a pair of 3.6s.
Another Thiel owner interested in the Wyred 4 Sound amps. For absolutely no good reason, I'm guessing these amps might sound better with Vandersteens.
Not the Wyred amp but I used the Bel Canto S500 with the Thiel 1.6s. It was a nice match IMO. It's been a while so specifics are difficult to recall but don't remember ever being disappointed.
I think a lot of times the shops will talk down stuff they can't sell or that a competitor sells.

I would bet if you would go in there & say you have a w4s STI-1000 & are interested in a pair of theil X.XX's they would say it would be a great match.....
The detailed review in 6 moons concluded that this amp has a rather warm and full bodied character, seems pontentially a good mate with the thiels.
What is the dealer suppose to say when the WyredSound amp is sold factory direct. He can't knock the amp but the "synergy" ah! On the other hand it has got to be tough on the brick and mortar retailer to compete with a factory direct quality product from a pricing/value point on some gear.
I sure don't want them to go out of business, but if Circuit City and host of others can't survive selling mid fi and less the high end retailer has a tough road.
I use a ST500 on my Thiel CS2.4 and it is a good match. The ST500 plays way out of its price class. The dealer that told you it will not sound good has never heard the combo or is a lier...

The damping factor of the class-d amp is it's real strength. It gives real punch and control to the bass of the 2.4s. I would call the sound very neutral. It is neither bright or warm. The amps highs maybe a touch soft but it is a good balance with thiels 2.4s being a little tipped up in the highs.

I also tried a Mcintosh 252. The 252 had less control in the bass a more romantic midrange and a touch more sparkle in the highs. It is 3 times the price and I like the ST500 better. I listen mostly to rock and value the bass control very highly. Now that I think about it I spend less for my CS2.4 (demos) and ST500 than I would have spent on the just the Mcintosh 252...

The Bel Canto is also a good class-d but not worth the cost difference IMO. It is more different than better. It has softer highs than the ST500 and a little less bass slam but might do the audiophile tricks (sound stage, decay, etc) better.

PS. for what it is worth do not buy the ST1000, you will never need it. I don't even use 1/5 the power the ST500 has with the CS2.4. Buy the ST500 and spend the extra somewhere else.