Wyetech Sapphire

Hello.I have owned Wyetech Sapphire 300 B monoblocks for almost 10 years, and have been quite pleased with them. Recently, one of the transformers in one of the amps started making a humming noise, only emanating from the chassis, not audible through the speaker. The amplifier is still under warranty, but for whatever reason, Mr. Hebert refuses to even speak to me or the repair shop in New York City that I subsequently took it to, about repairing it, much less allowing me to buy a new transformer from him. Wondering if anyone out there might have spare parts for this amp, or have any clue about where to get them besides Mr. Hebert? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!
I would first take it to a reputable tech and get an diagnosis.  Hebert is known to be moody and unpredictable which is too bad because he makes excellent products. 
Pay a lawyer $100 to write the owner a letter explaining what a warranty is...
Thanks both. Has been to Technitron in NYC, who did the diagnostics. Attorney is a good idea! Thanks again.