Hi, I'm new to Audiogon, but thought I should let people know about Wyetech Labs. I recently bought a pair of their Saphire SET amps and ordered new Big Silver Oval cables for them. When I picked up the cables, Roger Hebert offered to let me audition a preamp. Wow this equipment is awesome. There isn't anything at double their prices that I've found approaching this quality. Wyetech is running a sale that is almost unbelievable. Six Moons has reviewed a lot of their stuff.... http://6moons.com/audioreviews2/audioreviews.html  and check out the prices at....wyetechlabs.com  Happy Listening... Dave 
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Having just received the Wyetech "New Jade", let me emphasize the quality and then the performance.  Don't judge this book by its cover, appreciate the somewhat utilitarian case that is pure form follows function with easy to assemble/disassemble aluminum plates and positive action controls, but without remote control and the inside compares with finest available.  The toroid transformer is custom, the turret design circuit board marries the best of point to point with no risk of a cold solder joint and allows for easy future modification if so inclined.  Look carefully at a $$$$$ Kondo preamp and you will see a similar turret design.  The parts are all tier-one suppliers. Instead of a bank of electrolytic capacitors soldered to a board, there is a single large standard-size industrial rated screw terminal capacitor - easy to replace in 15 minutes.  The three 6SN7 tubes are not pushed hard, so 10,000 hrs is possible with tube rolling easy and currently not too expensive.  The tube sockets are installed in a manner that allows them to float avoiding any harm or vibration to/from the tubes.  Its finely engineered instrument - an heirloom piece designed to last easily 50 years.  How does it sound, in comparison to a Burson Conductor I was using as a preamp - amazing.  Its fast, wide bandwidth design plays very nice with my wide bandwidth Graaf GM100 and Karma 2.2's.  The articulation, tone and soundstage are captivating.  It does not command your attention which I have found fatiguing; but it captures it so that you are compelled to surrender to the music - no multi-tasking here.  Its ability to recreate simple hand-clapping is the best my system has ever produced.  Not sure why hand clapping is hard to reproduce - maybe it is the speed/decay that can confuse, but the Wyetech did it more realistically than ever before.  Neil Young Massey Hall, Bill Evan Village Vanguard, Nora Jones Day Breaks-Live NYC, Rimsky Korsakov Scheherazade all the best my system has ever recreated.  Cost-to-Value on the Wyetech "New Jade" is off the charts - Its a Keeper.