WTL Simplex II>A23 Interconnect>& Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II Hum

Hello All,

First post, apologies in advance for poor etiquette. My (new) WTL Simplex II has been causing me some annoyance with a persistent audible hum, presumably, a ground loop. I’ve done all of the usual isolation maneuvers to no avail. That is, until now! I touched the ground lug and the right and left A23 interconnects and the hum dissipated significantly. When I touched the ground lug and the actual right and left channels plugs on the TT the hum seemed to all but disappear. Not sure what my next move is - grounding the ground lug to the right and left channel plugs seem daft! Any advice here would be appreciated. 

My system (analogue chain) is as follows:

WTL Simplex II>Auditorium 23 interconnects (parallel-symmetrical design with the shielded plugs in amp)>Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II integrated amp.

Note: I’ve tried both London Decca Super Gold and a Clear Audio Arum Classic Mk II Wood cartridges and both hum.
And you have attached a ground wire from the rear of the table (my Amadeus provides a specific spot) in to your Rogue, assuming it provides a place (to connect) the ground wire??
Thanks for getting back to me fjn04. The Simplex provides the same ground spot as the Amadeus as does the Rogue. I have attached the ground to the TT and amp.
Have you tried NO ground wire at all. I know people have tried ground wire in another spot, but I believe that involved a Step Up, which I know doesn't help us here.
Check with your dealer, but how about a cheater plug...? They sell them at Home depot. Just a 3 to 2 adapter where you plug your 3 prong PC in to and then the 2 prong side plugs in to your wall outlet.  
Thanks for the feedback, fjn04. I do appreciate it! I've tried no ground and it made no difference. I didn't try the cheater plug. I've officially given up. I'll tell you why. I've have plugged the TT in to 3 different amps. My Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II with built in MM phono stage, my Mytek Brooklyn DAC (built-in phono stage & headphone amp), as finally my NAD Integrated C 315BEE with NAD PP2 Phono Preamp.

Unfortunately, there was the same hum present in each. I used different power outlets around the house to no avail. I honestly believe that I have taken this as far as I can. I have to say that, I really do enjoy the WTL Simplex II. I do love the way it tracks. It’s a wonderful design. The hum just has to go. The support I’ve bene given has been very good, but, I think it’s just taken too long to get to this point. Having said that, I am looking forward to the issue being resolved and just listening to the music. 
I had a Simplex with hum too and the solution was to buy shielded phono cables. I ordered a set from Grover Huffman and the hum went away.