WTF: uncontrolled Tsunami of Spam pure crap post arising on AGON daily

Fifty one ..., 51 new posts this am and counting so far today,  of  pure shite posts polluting the forum this am,

AGON failure to weed out and prevent this  (again,,,) shows a broken system sinking into a B- grade forum. You don't see this junk on the Canadian or British forums. 


Amen to that brother. I ain’t seen it in ANY other forums.

Extremely disheartening.

Along with dropping the ball on screen wrap during posting.

Haven’t these guys ever heard of beta protocol?

It is tried on other fourms and sometimess they can catch it sooner, yes. But it is still happeing on other forums.

This forum here probably needs to be run on new software with newer, modern features, is all. This has been known for a long time. It is what it is.

Seems I'll be using the other music/audio forums until this issues is addressed and corrected.

Something need a little attention.. Sure be nice to catch it turn, it around, multiply it by 1000 and send it BACK. Watch there system explode.. 

Don't you have to log in to post or put up a thread? There's the problem.. No call back and verify.. Pure security.. BIG hole... There is a LOT of other peoples information on AG.. Need to clean this up.. Get Norton on it.. I bet they have a fix just have to pay for it.. BUT most admen software is pretty heafty.. Something is turned off to update the new stuff we got, and they forgot to turn something back on, like "ARE YOU A ROBOT?"  Just a guess..

It ain't spam it's the whole PIG, ears, lips, and butt holes, (which technically is nothing :-) ).


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Not a big deal...


I simply Donkey Kong around them (just like I started doing with a few of our regular posters).



     Simply click on, "Report this", to the bottom right of the post and be proactive.

     The management deletes them fairly quickly.

     Then again: there will always be those that just find it necessary to whine.

This happened a few years ago and they fixed it. It looks to me like the entire anti-spam system has gone offline.

In the overall scheme of things, no biggie.  Just scroll past them.  I see them, but it never occurred to me to count how many there were.

Having to scan past scores of irrelevant off topic nonsense hoping to find the occasional nugget worth reading. Situation normal.

At least we now know the level it has to go for some to notice.

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I believe Audiogon should delete those post that are irrelevant and cause arguments leading to derail the OP intensions, to learn and get the right information for his audio needs.

Yes, we are so aware of this SPAM issue.

Several solutions are being looked at it.

Trust me, we want it to end as well.

Should have an update tomorrow.

In the meantime, please continue  to Report any Spam posts that you do see.

Appreciate the help. 



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I actually contacted Tammy about this and I did not receive a response.  I told her there is a rise in discussions polluted by cute comments.  I personally think there is no room for a put down.  However, there are a few who start a ridiculous discussion and perhaps they should be pulled.  I think this group is trying to become more sophisticated and we need to remind people we need not clutter things up with worthless topics.  I think many of you know what I mean.

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90-odd new ones this AM .... (sigh) ...It’s trending in the wrong direction.

the illegimate spam crap posts have overwhelmingly dwarfed any legitimate audio posts this am.

Guess it’s time to just check out and simply avoid visiting AGON until it gets fixed and just migrate to the UK and CANADIAN forums, including the posting of ads.

to the admins: Your platform and model is irretrievably broken in its current form.

so, start with putting in an immediate new post buffering of new posts pending release into the forum, and also figure out the process of screening out the daily new spam troll offenders. How about charging a refundable credit card charge after a TBD probation period?

It is high time to incorporate successful practices from PINK FISH AUDIO in the UK and CANUCKAUDIOMART in Canada.



FYI, We found a solution to control the spam.

Apologies for the disruption this has caused to the forums.




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I'll gladly lay a lot of our problems at the doorstep of the current administration. Spam on our audio forum isn't one of them, however.