WTB: Western Electric 555 drivers

Looking to purchase original Western Electric 555 compression drivers. Any condition considered. 

Thanks in advance.

You can't post "wanted to buy" queries on these forums. You need to place an ad in the classifieds. 
Are you looking for the driver from a collector perspective or a performance perspective?  If it is performance, and you have very deep pockets, the Japanese G.I.P. Laboratories replicas are terrific.  A local dealer/builder who makes custom systems, including those employing the 555 and custom-built tungar power supplies uses the G.I.P. drivers in his very best builds (he has original WE 555 drivers, including permanent magnet 555).
Hi Roxy54,

Apologies - I didn't realize this (new to the forums). I will post in the classifieds instead.

Hi larryi,

Thank you for your response. I guess I would consider myself to be a collector who's looking for original drivers from a historical & performance point of view. I'll look into G.I.P.  Cheers.
I am a fan of certain Western Electric gear primarily because of performance.  In my speaker system, I have replaced a modern compression driver/horn with a Western Electric 713b driver/12025 horn.  The 713b is one of my favorite compression driver.  I also own a replica of a Western Electric 133a amp (it has correct Western Electric input and output transformers, mostly correct vintage parts and 348 and 349 tubes.  My linestage is also based on Western design (including output transformers, 310 and 348 tubes) although it has certain modern features, like remotely controlled volume.

My local area (Washington DC) dealer, Deja Vu Audio, are big fans of Western Electric gear and builds custom electronics and speakers using Western Electric parts.  That is where I have heard quite a number of systems utilizing the 555 driver (mostly in systems with the 15A  horn).  This dealer has two giant 16A horns, although only one is currently set up in a mono system.  I've heard the 16A with the permanent magnet 555 driver.  If you are into Western gear, you have to check them out.
No need to apologize, just a mistake.
Hi Larryi,

Thank you for your response & wonderfully insightful information. Your 713b/12025 horn and 133a amps are very interesting and I'm really curious about their sound. May I ask why type of music & input your playing? Is it mostly mono vinyl? 78's? I head the 555 drivers are amazing for soprano & other types of jazz and classical vocal recordings.

Of course I would love to have the opportunity to hear a WE 15a or 16a in person, but realize this is difficult. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I'll look into Deja Vu.

I listen to all sorts of music.  The largest part of my collection is classical, but I do listen to jazz and pop and rock music (not much rap).  I mostly listen to my CDs ripped to a music server (Naim 555), but I also listen to LPs on a Basis Debut turntable.  

There is an affiliate of Deja Vu Audio somewhere in Southern California, I believe it it called Deja Vu West, that might have so examples of their custom-made speakers that utilize vintage parts.