WTB/Use Yamaha Overhang Gauge for PF 1000/800 Turntable

I recently picked up a Yamaha PF 800 turntable, however it was missing some of the accessories that came with the turntable. Notably the overhang guage used to set the cartridge alignment. I know there are other protractors out there, as I recently went from using the Guru, to Baerwald method. I noticed a huge drop in surface noise.  I can't help but think I can improve sound quality further with better instruments. 

Very interested in buying/using a Yamaha Overhang gauge to verify by alignment is accurate. Willing to leave collateral if necessary. ANY help will be appreciated. Thanks. 

Dear @blueprint: Not big deal. You can do it well with almost any universal protractor as te one you name it.

The specs on your tonearm tell you that the overhang is 16mm. and offset  angle 23° and that's it.
The one in your link seems to me that even the offset angle but I can read in a precise way the value on overhang but if even  the overhang then you can use it.

The main subject when we want to use different protractors to make the cartridge/ tonearm set up is to choose the one that´s more accurate. As higher accuracy as better quality sound we can get.