WTB McIntosh HR072 Remote Control

I am looking for a mint condition McIntosh HR072 remote control, the one that originally came with the C50 pre-amp/processor. McIntosh no longer carry them and so far trying to find one on eBay has been fruitless. If you have one for sale, or know where I could buy one from, please contact me.


You might want to look into a universal remote, such as a Logitech Harmony 650. They are very inexpensive and actually much nicer than original Mcintosh remotes.
Thanks "creeds". However, I am only interested in an original McIntosh HR072 remote control (pedantic, I know).
Contact Audio Classics (www.audioclassics.com, 800 321 2834).  They will probably have one in stock.  Good luck!
Might check recycledaudio.com as well. The owner, Josh was a longtime Mc dealer and may have one floating around
Thanks for your recommendations "theo" and "effischer", I am on it.