WTB Magnepan 2.7s will my amp be sufficient.

I have a Brsyton 14B SST2 amplifier that I've been using to drive my Magnepan 1.6s, which have started delaminating. Would this amp be sufficient to get the same resolution and dynamics out of a pair of Magnepan 2.7s . Also if anyone has an extra pair of 2.7s let me know.

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I have 300 sq ft to fill with sound, so I’m in need of larger speakers. I also dislike the sound of the employment of full range quasi ribbons in the new .7 series. It sounds phasey to me. And the true ribbons don’t sound coherent with the rest of the drivers in the older large models. I’ve auditioned the 3.7s in my home and preferred the sound of my 1.6s except for the better bass extension in the 3 series. 2.7s would be the best of both worlds.