WT Simplex Belt

Is it easy to make these at home? Is there a source to buy them? I got a few with the turntable and I've broken them all. And is it best to use the same material?
You have to tie them at the exact right length, otherwise they will not work well. I made a jig with a piece of wood, a nail, and a push pin. The manual gives you the distance for the nail to push pin span. Use the same material, which is like $5 for a mile of it. I've tried the others and nothing worked as well at holding the knot. If you mail a self addressed stamped envelope to WT USA they will send you free ones with their belts for life policy. Unfortunately you'll be doing this a lot if your belts break as often as mine did.
I have a WT Amadeus Mk.II for several months now, and have yet to break a belt.I use this turntable everyday. I was concerned about belt breakage also, but to date I have had no problems.
Count me in as one of the fortunate ones. I have two Amadeus tables, a standard and a GTA. I've only changed the belt once or twice in 3+ years on the standard. Never on the GTA, but it is still less than a year old.