WT Classic VS Rega P2 VS Pro-Ject Perspective

Anyone have an opinion on which of these three turntables would be the best? They're all for sale locally, and I think it's time to invest in a good used turntable.

Anyone have opinions?
Not familiar with the Pro-Ject but I own an older Rega P2. From what I've read I'd think the WT would play at a significanlty higher level than the P2 but haven't heard it in person so fwiw. Personally I lust after an Amadeus. Best of luck.
Thanks for weighing in, Soix! Your help is appreciated. Remember, I am just looking for opinions here, and all are welcome. Anyone else?
At your price point the Well Tempered is a solid choice. At first you may see the unconventional design as a gimmick but in the time you'll spend setting it up properly you'll come to understand and admire the utterly simple solutions of most turntables weakest areas, namely their bearings.

Until you can afford a deck with magnetically suspended plater and arm the WT seems the sensible choice.

I purchased mine for $300. The aluminum arm was severely bent and the plinth had drink stains and yet it still managed to play.

The availability of cups, platters, motors, for the older versions has seemingly dried up. You'll only need the fluids once and belts are available from a few sources. I'm told suspension, such as a Townsend sink or a Gingko platform can make a substantial improvement.

Here are a few photo's of my restored WT, Hero carbon arm with silver leads directly to the preamp. I got involved with Benz Micro and have traded up to my current low output Ruby Z.