wright WPP100C Phono Preamplifier

ive heard many great things about this pre and i have some questions. i would be using with a scout and glider. presently, i have a glider l2, but my understanding is that without a step up this might not work so well, so i would probably use either the m2 or h2. would this represent a significant improvemnt over the musical surroundings phenomena phono, which im using now? also, i'm biamping a nad c370 integrated and c270 power amp. is using a tube phono ok with this set up? and in general , what are the thoughts of folks here who have used or are using this phono?

thanks in advance!
I think it would be an improvement, but it is limited in gain, so you'll have to deal with that part. The Wright is a real nice phono stage for the money.
Here's my response to a thread just a day below yours regarding the Wright Sound Phono preamp.

"I own a WPP100C. I've been using mine for 6 months only but never had the urge to tweak or replace it. Dead quiet, very nice sounding with retro styling. It is pleasing to the eye if aesthetics is your cup of tea. Support is also exceptional from George Wright.

I have mine running on Mullards 12AU7 and 6GK5. The latter, sounds better than any 6ER5's that I've tried so far. Mid-Low output MC cartridge is not a problem either because of its 65 dB voltage gain. For a low output (0.4mV and below) a step -up transformer is recommended.

Also, I've read some owners that replaces the two adjustable pots and gain improvements as a result. I've never gone that far yet because warranty is still in effect."

For step-up transformer, consider this on your list/research http://hometown.aol.com/kevinc927/index.html

Good Luck in your phono pre hunting!
Given what your cart is, and what your amps are, I wouldn't be surprised if you could do just as well standing pat on the L2/Phonomena combo, or maybe consider adding the optional outboard power supply if you haven't yet. I hasten to add that I don't have any personal experience with either the Wright or the Phonomena, but my impression is that they're probably both good enough pieces that there may only be slight differences (maybe not necessarily all improvements - the tubes will be noisier for one thing, though other areas could benefit) audible through your NAD amps, and you could simultaneously stand to also lose a bit by switching to the higher-output cart (and I say this as a satisfied Glider M2 owner, whose Camelot Lancelot phonostage won't quite accomodate the "L" version). I guess what I'm really driving at here is that you may have more productive uses for these funds elsewhere in the system, 'cause I suspect your phono front end is already nothing to sneeze at compared to your power amplification. (Then again, if I ever go back to tubes in the phono preamplification, I could be very interested in checking out the Wright myself...)