Wright pp100c

Can't find much on this unit. I need a better phono stage than the one in my Musical Fidelity Nu Vista M3 integrated. I currently have a 0.9 mv glider on my HW 19 MkIII with SME 309 arm, but want to move up to a Helikon. Listener had a great review, but I'd like to hear more. Thanks.
Didn't notice your post and put another asking same thing on behalf of a freind who is almost ready to jump on Black Cube with extra power supply here on 'Gon for really good price of $330 but saw same review and was wondering if anybody has heard it.Sure is purrty looking for the price.Their pre's seem very reasonable their amp prices about average.But point to point wiring and simplicity expoused in their lit seems good.Both of you shuld take theri in home no risl trial.Who out there does that?!?!
I also have a Music Fidelity Nu-Vista with a phono but I did'nt think it was all that good so I purchased the Wright pp100c and it is great in every phase of listening, well worth the $750, yes you might have to wait a couple of extra weeks but well worth the wait, the current issue of Listener has a great review.
Dlq2. Thanks! I love the Nu Vista - such power and control. The phono is adequate, but not great. I will definitely try the Wright when I free up some $.