wright pp 100c phono preamplifer Auditions?

There is a review of the wright pp 100c tube phono preamplifier, In the May/June edition of listener mag.The reviewer Peter Breuninger stated "I think this is one of the best buys in audio, and certainly one of the very best sounding preamps I've ever heard, at any price" He gave it, for quality, 5/5 stars and 3/3 for value. It, apparently doesn't get any better then this preamp and it retails at $750. My question is: 1st, who has heard this preamp? and 2nd, how does it compare to the ph3, Pass X ono, Audio Synthesis, and the BAT vkp. Thank you in advance for your valuable comments.
Ron, i did hear the Wright phono stage at my audio club meeting a few months ago compared to a Linn Linto on 2 similar Linn LP-12 tts. personally, i preferred the Wright as much more involving. excellent texture and nuance, absolutely no etch or hardness, and a nice, clear mid-range. o.k. top end air and decent dynamics. the tonal balance is on the dark side and it tends to slightly round things. but it brings more of the musical message than other budget units.

it still is easily the best under $1k phono stage i have heard......but......when you compare it to the over $2500 phono stages it is outclassed in terms of dynamics (by a long ways), detail, micro-dynamics, and frequency extension.

the Wright phono stage is "more special" and "more entertaining" than other under $1k units but shows it's budget roots at a certian point. the units you mention are better.

a real giant killer is the Haggemann (sp?)unit.....now there is a budget unit that actually challenges the very best; although you may need a step-up unit to use with it.