Wright Au 15 - questions

I am looking at a pair of Au 15s which the seller defines as a cosmetic "kludge" - but working well . I own Wright's phono preamp WPP 200, so I know how good his products are. The speakers they would drive are 87 db sensitive 8 ohm new version Allison 4s, which are 2002 re-incarnations of Roy Allison's originals, and just wonderful speakers. I am interested in users' experience with this 2A3 amp and particularly whether they can drive these speakers to reasonable volumes? Thanks!
I'd be pretty skeptical, but a lot depends on the size of your room. I was able to get reasonable volumes when I experimented w a 300b amp driving my 89 dB Merlins in a 14 x 23 x 8' room but it felt to me like I was right at the limit and if I pushed it, I was starting to run out of gas. The 2A3s would probably produce 3 watts vs 8 or 9 for a 300b ampr and your speakers are a tad less efficient.