WP 7 or Totem Wind or AZ Crescendo or ????

Looking for a dynamic/punchy/open presentation that I can still relax too with the right music. 5000-10 thousand used.
List of some I have owned:
B&W N800, Eggleston Andra 1, Dynaudio C1,C4, Aerial 10T,
And many more. Just listened to Vandy 3a this weekend and they were not dynamic enough for me.
For what it's worth, I thought the Crescendo's sounded absolutely gorgeous at RMAF. Many speakers can sound dynamic and punchy, but not too many sound as glorious as this one.
I owned the AZ Adagio's and thought they were just ok, are the Crescendo's that much better? Thanks again
Never heard Adagio, but considering the price difference, I wouldnt be surprised if Adagio couldnt hold a candle to Crescendo. They are a match made in heaven with tube electronics, for super clear, "liquid" presentation that also has a realistic soundstage, where you are not looking down at the performance, which is the case with a lot of speakers (I understand room has a lot to do with it).
The Crescendos at RMAF 2007 were driven by Halcro amps. That combination of speaker/amp put out the most impactful bass I've ever heard. Gut punching bass would be an apt description. The rest of the speaker is pretty good as well.
I own the crescendos i dont sell them for any money, i heard many before buying them, and yes i am using them with ayon triton 120 class A tube amp.
so far i havent listen any more satisfying realistic full sounding speakers yet...
Your list dynamic/punchy/open are WP 7 strengths!!! A pair is selling for $8000 on Agon, that's a lot of speaker!!!!
lots of speaker for 8k is the AZ i take them over the WP anytime.
WP7 is way to go :)