WP 5.1 vs WP7


I have decided that I want a pair of Wilson Audio Specialities Watt/Puppies. I have been wanting them for years, but...
My budget does not allow me to buy new, so 2nd hand here we come.

The question is if the WP7 is worth 2/3 more than the WP5.1. The 7's I have on hand are (according to the dealer) mint with all accessories and Fly Yellow. The 5.1's have had the midrange changed (by authorized distributor) and have usual used item marks, but fully functional and standard black.

I lean towards spending the extra money and get the 7 - which I can have at very good price, probably due to the color (Fly Yellow). I will go course also have to live with that color in my living room for an extended amount of time :)

How big are the sonic differences? I am told that the 5.1 are hard in the top end - not really something I have noticed when listening to them, but then again I didn't listen with the intend to buy. I have only briefly heard the 7's here and there.

Thanks for your comments

A few years ago I was interested to build up another System and I had the same question. I asked one of my favorite Dealers whose opinion I did trust. At that time WP8 was the current model I think. His opinion was interesting, he did recommend the WP5.1 to all others. He said, it is simply the best sounding one from all with the best tonal balance. My Plans changed some time later, I was not able to get a personal comparison, but based on that I would recommend finding owners of both units and to do a listen on your own. Who knows, probably he was right. All I can say, the WP8 did not move me when I did listen to it. Precise, but sterile, when I left the Demo 1h later I never looked back ...
It's pretty big. They both will sound great. The 7 will be more relaxed but more higher rez...

I went from WP6's to WP8's awhile back...it was quite a big deal...

Used Wilson's, properly set up by a trained dealer, are a EXCELLENT speaker for the $$'s

Let us know what you do and how you like em ! Good luck
I'd go with the 7s. They come much closer to the current production Sashas and personally I'd love the yellow. Think of it as a Lamborghini for your listening room.

The W/P7 was in production as late as 2006 or so. Properly set up you could be happy with those for a long time.
The WP 7 hands down !!!! Well worth the price difference and a great foundation to build a system around. I chose the WP8 over the WP7 but it was close, the WP7 is a very good speaker !!!!!
WP 7. The biggest difference in recent history in the Watt Puppy series was from the 6 to the 7. 6 had all the detail but little of the music ---7 was the first WP to have it all----IMHO
When the WP-5.1's were reviewed, it was pretty obvious that they were (politely) considered too analytical sounding and not very "pleasant" to listen to. I heard
them myself, and even playing vinyl they sounded disappointing. the 7's are a big improvement as most here have stated. I have heard the 7's also and i was
very impressed with their imaging (spectacular) and dynamic capabilities. and
they did sound much more like real music than the 5's. you just need to get them properly set-up to get the most out of (any) Wilson Speaker, and they
will reveal problems with your other components, wire, source material, etc.
due to their infamous transparency. as for the yellow color, you could try certain grill colors that would ameliorate the overall look.
Thanks for your kinds responses and opinions. In the meantime I have been offered a pair of wp6'es in white, no less and 7 years old (doesn't add up according to the Wilson timeline??)

Seller wants the same price - give or take a couple of hundred bucks - as the yellow wp/7's earlier mentioned.

It seems to me that most of the 5.1's for sale here in Europe have had either the Focals and/or the midranges changed - ok most of them are 15 years + old - so I will rule out the 5.1's :)

Uhh, serious thinking to do :) - both look mint in the pictures - alas both are about 1000 miles away in opposite directions, so just to go, take a look see is sorta not in the equation :)

Yellow could be fun to have and colorful, but will I tire of it? And how is the eventual resale possibilities? White would fit right in with the rest of the decor of my home :) But would the 7 be the better buy, sonically?

decisions, decisions :)
I would go for the white WP6 if it fits the rest of your decor better.

Not sure what your amplification will be, but minor sonic differences can usually be addressed with cabling and tweaks.

You will enjoy the speaker playing music more - if you also like it when it's NOT playing music. You will never tire of the white color, it will always look modern, and I'm sure they will make beautiful music.

Just my opinion.
I did opt for the white WP6 - both due to color and having to live with them on a daily basis, and due to the seller of the yellow WP7s tried to pressure me in a way I didn't like. I will be getting them early september.

I will be using them with Audio Research tube gear.
Outstanding choice !! Congrats !! I think you will be really happy and satisfied for a long time. Audio Research gear is a great match. Now you can focus on cabling and tweaks to really make your system sing. Your system will be good and satisfying enough to get off the merry ground and enjoy the music for many years to come.. GREAT STUFF !!
Congrats, enjoy! Take off the grills; it makes a big difference!
ARC tube gear is the match with Wilsons. For cables, *seriously* consider Transparent.
also consider Shunyata cables
Love my w/p 7. Have no desire to upgrade unless it's for the new Sasha 2. Small foot print and extremely dynamic.
Now, 2 1/2 years later I am still a happy camper with my WP/6's and ARC tube gear, the VTM120SE's and LS16MKII. 
However, I recently got the idea of reducing the number of hifi boxes in the home, exchange the 5-6 boxes to an integrated with built-in RIAA and DAC. I have started listening to some of them, so far the McIntosh MA7900 and Vitus RI-100. I have to listen to the Mark Levinson 585 and Gryphon Diablo 120 next time, I am not convinced with integrated yet :)
So far they sound great, but I can't help thinking that a set of NOS tubes the ARC gear would be even better (and cheaper) 

I also consider going the Transparent cable way - where should I look, Super or Ultra?