WoW, WoW , Wow Sun Kil Moon/Benji

Sun Kil Moon's new album is really outstanding!!It's Called Benji, and it is on Spotify now if you would like to sample it. I had never really listened to this group, but have now listened to a couple of albums.I also listened to Mark Kozelek previous band called Red House Painters, and their album of the same name , with a 1 following the title from 1993,it is also very good and interesting!!
Benji is STELLAR!! If you have not heard of the album or Sun Kil Moon, enjoy this fine release, and let us know what your impressions are.
Also as I am new to these bands, please let me know what albums are your favorites?
Have you ever seen Mark,or Sun Kil Moon in concert?
Now, a small warning. His songs are long, most over 6 minutes.
I have April and Tiny Cities BY SKMoon...both excellent...saw RHP live in Seattle in 93? at the Crocodile....good times.....
That band is sic. I love them.
mark kozolek is a brilliant player/singer/writer, but comes off as an incredible dick live--hostile, abrasive and hugely self-absorbed. some people wear the cloak of genius differently, i guess.
anyway, i checked out the new skm album and it really is a masterpiece of its type, although almost painfully hyperpersonal/raw. i'm also a big fan of tiny cities (which is completely reworked covers of songs by the guy from modest mouse) and the rhp's old ramon.
From what I have heard of his past albums , Benji is way way stripped down in comparison. His other albums sound way more produced.
I do agree that this album is a masterpiece !
For those of you who like straight ahead singer / song writer folk music ,you should really listen to this gem.
Thanks for the tip. More tips on good music well recorded or streamed are welcome, rather than the focus always on equipment IMO.
Big fan of Admiral Fell Promises LP. Boy it took me a long time to find it on vinyl. Great stuff
Kozolek is the ONLY artist I walked out on after 3 songs. Boring, unenlightened music. His latest, is no exception. Enjoy...
My first SKM album was "Ghosts..." Haunting, brilliant, melancholy, memorable. I wish I could find more affordable vinyl of kozolek's music.
This album is holding steady as the best rated album of the year on many sites.
Anyone have a chance to listen to this gem yet? If not, give it a spin, you may be blown away.