Wow...what a record

I'm sure everybody has said that to themselves at one time or another: you just sit there slack-jawed after the record ends, with your tongue hanging down to your waist, in shock and awe at what you just heard.

Here's two for you: the Classic reissues of the Antill Corroborree (Everest) and the incredible Fiedler/Wild disc of Gershwin (RCA Living Stereo) with the Concerto in F, the I Got Rhythm Variations, and the Cuban Overture. The former may be the best-sounding record, bar none, that I've ever heard (in 35 years of listening). The latter is right up there alongside it in terms of sound, and the performance is stunning beyond words--were Fiedler, the Boston Pops, and Earl Wild *ever* in more spectacular form? The Classic reissues of both are glorious beyond words.

If I didn't own a record player, I think I'd have to buy one just to play these records.

Any particular records strike you in this way--that make the whole endeavor seem worthwhile?
For me recently, it has been some Mercury reissues: the Mercury 20th Century Music box set reissued by Speakers Corner, and Stravinsky's Firebird Ballet reissued by Classic Records (45 rpm). Just phenomenal recordings.
I'm really digging on the latest 180g Dark Side of the Moon pressing. The best I've heard so far! Just a very good sounding reissue. I like the Kind of Blue Classic Records 200g as well, and the latest 180g pressing of Portisehead's Dummy. These don't have a ton of panache but they make me sit and grin afterwards, I can tell you that ;) I can't stand to listen to any of the redbook copies now, I've been completely spoiled. Just can't do it :)
Dirtyragamuffin: your Kind of Blue 200g is the single-disc 33-1/3 version, correct? How would this compare with other versions you've heard? I've got a mid-'80s CD (made in Japan, but issued in the U.S.--it's a very early CD, and when I mentioned it once on another forum, some of the Miles fans didn't even know it existed). That one doesn't sound totally awful: it at least has extended highs, and no filtering that I can hear. Plenty of tape hiss (and as we know, tape hiss is our friend).

The other issue I have is the SACD (stereo setup here; disc is not a hybrid--SACD only), and I do *not* care for the sound. I find it clipped off on top, possibly in an effort to reduce tape hiss, flat in perspective, and all-around "smaller" in terms of the size of the instruments. Everyone else who's heard it seems to love it, so I feel I'm fairly alone on this one.

If the 200g single-disc Classic issue restores the original sound to this album, I'd go right ahead and order it. Any comparisons?
Bublitchki, yes it's the single-disc 33 1/3, and side one was pitch corrected. I don't want to make too wild of a comparison as the only other vinyl pressing that I've had a chance to listen to somewhat seriously was, if I recall, an oooollld second pressing in "OK" shape. Compared to that one, the Classic Records has a much more airy top end, more "correct" sounding low end (I can hear the timbre of the upright without having to strain) and it's fairly "open." Everything seems wider and I hear more subtlties. There does seem to be more surface noise than I'd like, but I've just gotten new speakers and they are still burning in, so take that for what it's worth--the noise floor wasn't nearly as obtrusive through my old speakers, but their HF drivers weren't as good, either ;) Basically, it's an unfair comparison, but let's put it this way, I'm not left feeling ripped off by spending $40+ on the Classic Records.

There are many different pressings of this album as we know, and I hate say I haven't heard most of them. I was introduced to Kind of Blue on redbook, not sure which iteration, and it was (not surprisingly) very mediocre. I have not heard SACD.
Just came upon your post and enjoyed it!

Until just recently I thought the RCA Gershwin Concerto in F was the best I'd ever heard (have a mint SD and a red seal in good condition - even it sounds good!). But then just the other day I came across LSC 2678 -- Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini, played by Leonard Pennario and the Boston Pops -- in a thrift store. For $.60 I got the best recording I've ever heard! After cleaning, it was a bit scratchy but still: amazing bass, crystal clear, right on top of you -- it's something how you can tell right away when it's special!

The Rhapsody is a Dynagroove, but I also like the Beethoven 4th Piano Concerto (Van Cliburn) on Dynagroove, too. Elgar's Enigma Variations on Philips is a good one, plus the old RCA VICS Scheherezade with Monteaux is, too.

BTW just upgraded from a MMF 7 to a VPI Scout and am glad I did. Well worth it - makes a great LP even better...

Will look into some more Everest LPs. I see them all the time at the thrifts, but haven't purchased any. Do you find the label to be good overall?

Thanks for your post!
Classic records 200 gram reissue of Sonny Rollins "The Bridge" sounds fantastic. Plus the music is incredible, a great session.
My favorite is 'Boys want sex in the Morning" by Uncle Bonsai.....Trapazoid "Now Then" is amazing.......Most of the John Renbourn vinyls are superb as well.............Have the original Everest Corrobborree and it is very good, but don't think I'll spend the bucks for the re-master......Have a lot of them that way here as normally the originals are a touch better.....
I've got a copy of the Living Stereo Gershwin that has sat around sealed for way too long. This weekend I think it'll get played. Thanks.
Kind of Blue Classic Records 200g.

Well I went to buy at the local Jazz store at lunch(Classic on the other side of town)and there were two nearly identical except price on $40 the other $60. Only dif I could see was this.
CS8163-BV $60
CS8163-Q $40
Both were classic label.

Any ideas?

Also, had Kevin Gray/Steve Hoffman 45rpms Miles and Sonny(Tenor Maddness) $100 though.

I love both these guys but generally do not like to spend more than $40 on quality vinyl. Finally, picked up Norah Jones $40(was eyeing for a while anyway), who will break-in my new pre-amp tonight, Ray Samuels Stealth:)

Great Thread. I have most of the above now added to my hot-list. Researching the ones I am not familar with. While I enjoy getting good sound out of the $1 - $20 albums, the WOW factor on the premium LPs like Clasic 180g-200g make it worth the $investment for the special ones.
I, too, enjoy jazz and classical. But just picked up a copy of a record I managed to neglect all through the 70s and 80s. Heard about it, never heard it, although some of these songs were played on free-form FM radio back in the day. Got the lp for $3 -- it's in pristine condition. It's amazingly produced...and the songs and performances are killer. It's Nilsson Schmilsson -- Harry Nilsson's "perfect 10."
I did not care much for classical untill I picked up a copy of Victor RCA Red Seal LM2074 "The Lark,Sonata Op.13,Chaconne" Jascha Heifetz on violin,WOW blew me away,the playing and the quality of recording, I couldnt believe anyone could play a violin like that,,
Ain't a record. Itsa box! The Ataulfo Argenta Edition re-issue on Alto. Originally on Alhambra, it is the National Orchestra of Spain.

If you want to go Heifetz-crazy, buy the Classic Records Heifetz box. Nine 200gm LP's, all Heifetz, all the time!
thanks Dougdeacon,Im hooked