WOW,, way to go Alice

I just saw Alice Cooper Saturday night in Tacoma, WA and all i can say is WOW! What energy, from the 1st note to the very last. My favorite rockin' golfer is really a show worth seeing! It was an eclectic and surprising blend of
coreography and just plain ole' good hard rock!

This was in a smaller casino venue that maybe seats 5,000 people if i had to guess. I have seen 3 other concerts there as well, Kansas (twice) and 38 special, which by the way, still holds it together pretty well!

Anyway, just thought i should let you all know, a surprising feat for an old guy,, and i thought Mick Jagger was the only old geezer that could still wind it up!

I'll make sure I put Alice on my short list of washed up, burnt out, over the hill, best days were 25 years ago, bald and wrinkled, crispy crittered, rehabbed, living in the past rock acts to see when they hit the local YMCA.
Well...I think both Kansas and 38 Special bite but thanx for the info because I do dig Alice!
At least Alice is not playing State Fairs. I saw Alice do his 'Killer' concert in a little hall and it was a great show - all big snakes and getting his head cut off. That was back in 1971 and I was a kid. Part of me is glad he's still chuggin away, but part of me snickers at this golf course republican pretending to be the outrageous freak who every republican once reviled as poison to America's youth. Aint life strange?
'Cmon, Alice has always been a toung-in-cheek concept.
At least he's not as hypocritical as the "golf course republicans" who own this country and pretend they give a damn about he little guy.
Also saw the "Killer" tour show at the Chicago Amphitheater circa 1971. Man-o-Man it was goooood.
We're not worthy...
I would rather see him than the rolling stones.
His last two albums are terrific. Excellent returns to his prime '70s form.
Stanhifi's comment begs the question; should we support the experienced musician or the novice musician? Perhaps, we should question the criterion?
washed up, burnt out, over the hill, best days were 25 years ago, bald and wrinkled, crispy crittered, rehabbed, living in the past,,
Hey, Let's see if you can INSTANTLY get 5,000 people whipped into a frenzy from the 1st note, the reason i wrote the thread,, besides being a bit shocked by his energy myself was that,, i had never seen it before,, from anyone,, let alone a "has been"

Ok, so,, ya got me,, i am a dyed in the wool dedicated republican golfer,, i only run my small little part of the world though,, but thanks for the sentiments ;-)

Seriously, Great show, no matter what, when, or where, didnt know it was about politics or age,, just fun,, maybe lighten up a little bit.