wow...playing vinyl again on major market radio st

I recently visited a mid-market midwestern
city and was surprised that their largest classic rock station plays this a trend or merely a phase to piggy back the LP revival?
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so did you hear some scratches?
No..which leads to believe good marketing
I sometimes hear stations would play a beat-up vinyl. Find descent download or ceedee for my Uncle's sake!
Vinyl is played on WXPN 88.7 FM here in PA.They have or had this show of a huge room of tape,vinyl and CD's they played.Incredible surface noise and scratches on some rare records.Then they had a facebook contest where you send in a pic with you and your favorite vinyl LP.Great station.
Which leads me to my next question. What format do they ordinarily play at Classic Rock stations such as the (very good sounding) 100.3 FM in Washington, DC?
I remember in the 60's a record would keep skipping and replaying the same few second piece over and over again on the radio untill the DJ realized it and got back to his seat and lift the tone arm off.This happened often on rock and classical stations AM and FM.
I'm in the Philly area frequently and listen to WXPN as soon as it becomes available- U Penn station I believe and they do have a vinyl hour or two every day around mid day and yes it is an excellent station as are all the member supported stations.
Up in my neck of the woods in north Jersey 90.7 WFUV - Fordham Univ. does something similar as does Centinary college in Hackettstown both very similar in format to WXPN
WWOZ 90.7 In New Orleans is not a major commercial radio station in fact community supported and no commercials. They have Jazz, Blues and funk/disco shows on vinyl. Really good station if your into vinyl and good music check them out on the web.