Wow .....Pat Barber Cafe BLue HDCD version

just received my Pat Barber HDCD 24K pressing byFIM records and the quality over the regular pressings is very stunning..I was wondering if the Cafe Blue comes in a XRCD pressing?...
no, it comes as the regular 'Premonition' cd, the FIM HDCD, the FIM hybrid SACD and the Premonition LP.

i agree that the HDCD Gold pressing is better than the standard cd.

i have not seen it as an XRCD or other variations of XRCD.

the SACD is better than the HDCD, the Lp is a little better than the SACD.

i enjoy each version.....great performances, good (not great) recording.
Look for a new live CD of P. Barber to be released in two weeks according to her website.
I have the gold and the MFSL SACD. As much as I like the gold CD, the SACD is a significant step foreward on my modified Sony. It's not able to decode HDCD, so perhaps on something like the Lindeman, the HDCD may be closer to the Super Audio CD.

Thanks mate. Here's a direct link:

Live: A Fortnight In France

On Blue Note - Sept 7th.

The vinyl is even better.