Wow! Hard to believe how Good this sounds!

That was my first impression upon listening to my stereo for the 1st time after a 3 week vacation. Went to see friends. Shot pool, played golf & drank beer for 3 weeks with little or no internet or news. It was great. Went to bed at 4 am a few nights after playing pool (on a very good table ). Only music was supplied by FM on a boom box. As I say, I had a blast. But I was totally shocked at how good my system sounded after 3 weeks absence. That may have been one of my best upgrades.
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We all need a break and it only heightens our appreciation when we get back. Your system has many beneficial aspects, one of them being the ability to be therapeutic. Enjoy.

All the best,
That’s most likely because the high humidity and extremely high temperatures we had for so long finally disappeared two days ago and the ground has had a chance to dry out and barometric pressures are higher.
I agree its always a great thing to come home from a vacation or any trip and plop down in front of the stereo for the first time!
Not so much the weather. It’s getting back to your digs and a fine system.  Maybe losing a beer haze helps also.  Have fun!
It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
Easy. You were listening to FM radio on a boom box. Anything would sound better than that.
Maybe the tweak fairies sneaked in while you were away and swapped some fuses over. 
Always keep a log. Keep a record of any changes you make to the room or system, what type of objects you move in and out of the room, e.g., musical instruments, books, unused audio equipment, new tweaks, windows open or closed, acquiring new CDs or getting rid of them, the weather, time of day, thungs if that nature. Things you might not expect can have a big impact on the sound.
artemus_5, I've had both extremes of this experience, and geoffkait, i think I should start keeping a log to make sure I am not inducing variability.

I've been away many times for 10-12 days and get excited to return to listen to some well reproduced tunes, sat down and been both underwhelmed, finding it takes a few days to get my ears back in the game maybe, and other times been blown away, like I forgot what I was missing.  Maybe it is weather, maybe it is the tweak fairies, maybe it is moving things in and out of the room, maybe there's some quantum mechanics at work, maybe my aural mind sometimes benefits from a break and other times suffers due to the trip, who knows?  It's like returning home after a long absence to a tempermental kid/pet/parent/partner/roommate, wondering if you're going to be well received or punished a bit for your absence.  
 Beer makes my car stereo sound so much better.....
   Does the wind really blow ? Or is it pulled by pressure change ? There is nothing I enjoy more after being away than a low volume , late night , home alone listening session . We get to enjoy the fruits of our efforts ! Thanks for a moment of appreciation.
Nicely said, THOSB. Sometimes I’ll get home and the cat is pissed off at my absence but the system sounds great; other times vice verse. Such, I suppose, is life. 
If you are enjoying the way your system sounds, why not let the builder know! Many of us have boutique builders of amps, preamps or speakers that would appreciate knowing that their life-efforts are so rewarding to others. Just this last Friday, I was "feeling it" so wrote just a quick blip to Glenn Croft who had once graciously advised me after I had damaged one of his excellent OTL amplifiers: 

"Dear Glenn,

Have I told you lately that your Series 7RS Amplifier and Meganaut Pre combination sounds fantastic driving my Living Voice RW-OBX speakers!

Bravo!…and Thanks!

Even though it was probably 2AM in England, he quickly wrote back and obviously appreciated it! Our hobby still is graced with dedicated, brilliant, boutique builders who basically built this industry and still strive to present the best value, innovation, and performance for our enjoyment. -True artists that won't always be with us. Bravo!

My wife and I are close to signing a contract to have a custom home built, one with a "bonus room" for my audio system.

When the time comes for us to prepare our current home to put on the market, I'll be boxing up all my equipment, removing the 10 bass traps installed on the walls and ceiling, so the painters can come in and do their thing.  My components probably will stay in their cartons, until they are delivered to our new home, which could be for several weeks!

In the mean time, I hope to listen every chance I get!
@truman   I totally agree with thanking those who have designed and built great gear for us.  i recently sent such a missive to Steve McCormack for his outstanding work on my power amp.  Let's keep encouraging these folks!