wow first tube amp

Up until today I had been using a audio refinement compelte as my amplifier. Today the UPS man dropped off the anthem integrated 1 I bought here on the gon. I was always curious as to how a tube amp would sound at such low wattage. I was dumfounded by the deep bass and musicality of what I was hearing. My feet were tapping more than ever and I was finally singing along with the music. Nevertheless I have the anthem driving my power hungry B&W'S. One thing I noticed, though, is that the amp runs extremely hot. Almost hot enough to burn my finger if I touch the top of the case. While I usually play my music at loud volumes is this normal for a tube amp or should I be concerned. I am afraid I may be damaging it by playing it at such low volumes.
If you can check the bias I would do so to make sure you aren't running it too hot, or you could check with the manufacturer.

You won't damage it playing it at low volumes!

B&Ws aren't usually the best match for a tube amp, in particular 802s. I would consider finding a speaker that is easier to drive and designed for tubes, like a Coincident or Audiokinesis. But if you are easily getting sufficient volume, its no worries.
If you hook up a tube preamp and some Klipsch speakers with horns you'll freak! I have a Cary V12R amp that runs as hot as an iron, so I don't use it much in the summer. I use a small SS system. Good luck with tubes!
What is the model number of the integrated?
It is just called the anthem integrated 1. Im looking into more efficient bookshelf speakers for this amp, any reccommendations? I was also thinking about bi amping with a sub to relieve the amp and mains of the low frequences. Do you think that should have a significant effect?
Atmasphere. I checked out the speaker manufacturers you mentioned, but my budget is under 600 used at the max. Preferable les than 450-500 used.
My response was the same when I got my first tube amp, a Cary SLI-80. I have been happy since. I now run my Logan's stat panel with it and the bass with a Mac 7270. It sounds pretty good.
(((I was also thinking about bi amping with a sub to relieve the amp and mains of the low frequencies. Do you think that should have a significant effect))
We matched the 90 DB Vandersteen one C with this amp and it was a superb pairing...
They are available used around 5 to 6 hundred bucks.
Later you can add the Vandy 2WQ sub with amazing results
Their simple High pass will unload the main amp hence further improvement in transparency clarity
Your tubes will also last longer as well.
Happy Listening
John Rutan
Hi, There is a pair of Sound Dynamics 300ti's for sale on the GON right now for $200.00, these are great speakers with tubes! I don't know the person selling them but you should research them on the web for yourself. If you don't like them you could resell and it would cost you nothing to check them out. Good luck
Check the bias for sure, but tubes can run a little warm. Congrats on the journey into the world of the "Glow". I have a SQ-88 integrated which will bias itself, and it is a slice of musical heaven.