wow, a newbie power cord convert

When I got my Cary sli80 integrated last month, I just plugged my old power cord into it- the one that came with my cheap s.s. previous amp. I noticed that it used bigger wire, so I figured it would be better. Then a couple days ago I decided to try the new stock Cary cord. I put it in, and didn't really think about it. Yesterday I moved my speakers around a few inches here & there over the course of the day, and did some serious listening. I was amazed at the difference I was hearing. I had forgotten about the cord switch. I put the speakers back in their original spots, and still was hearing way more detail, and more solid placement of instruments. It was then I remembered the new cord, I guess it had been breaking in over a day & a half, (about 15-20 hrs of music). Anyway, I was a skeptic, and now I'm a believer. All this with just a stock cord from a good amp company. Makes me wonder if I can get even more good results if I spend a few more bucks...
Same here! I just replaced the ac cord, on my Linn Majik, with API PL-313! What a difference! Also, i tried on my Karik, and difference was even more noticable. However, with conecting to the Power amp, what i got was more background "blackness", and on the CD player, detailed, yet more "forward", and just a bit fatigueing sound. I am curious what other have found out, regarding their AC cords, and digital fron end?
Eldragon- I installed a Audible Illusions Missing Link AC cord to my CAL CL-10 CD and it seems to have had the same effect as you describe, when compared to the Sonic Horizons cord that was there previously. Although now that I think of it, I also swapped out a no-name cord on my amp for the Sonic Horizon at the same time. A very confusing business.
...I may be wrong, but i heard that Electraglide makes AC cords specificaly for CD players and DAC'? Or, that certain cord's are better suited for digital sources, and so on..? Swampwalker, i think i am NOT going to use "hi-end" cord on my CD. I'll leave the factory one, conected.
A note of skepticism. I have no doubt that power cords can positively/negatively effect the sonics of a medium to high resolution sound system, however, I suspect that it's a "hit or miss" proposition. Furthermore, similar to other cable products, the wide range in power cord prices has only a marginal correlation with the positive sonic attributes of the product. Eldragon (GREAT NAME!), you should contact Electraglide and ask them exactly what makes one cable more suitable for digital components than another. I'm not trying to discourage you, but there is much HYPE in this area. A listener could spend alot of time listening to their power cords -- is this really time well spent?
Electraglide cords sound magical on anything you plug into them. The electraglide regular,Reference, or FatBoy are great on digital or analogue. The FatBoy is great on power amps as well.
I think the Cardas Twinlink cords are a good buy for source components. The Cardas Quadlink is nice for power amplifiers. Both are reasonably priced. Also, I think the Chang Lightspeed 6400 ISO, used in conjunction with the Twinlink, makes for a MAJOR upgrade to your source rack. Run a dedicated circuit to your power amplifier, and you'll hear a BIG improvement in detail.
I also used to be skeptical about powercords but they do make improvements in bass definition, naturalness in the highs and midrange clarity. I use L.A.T. AC-2 powercords: large gage silver plated copper, teflon insulation good plugs and very reasonnable price (around $100)
Count me in as a power cord convert. I used to think this was the ultimate in audio extavagance(and BS). But then I decided to give it a try, to prove it to myself, one way or the other. I replaced the stock cord on my amplifier, with a solid core, silver power cord that I bought here on Audiogon for a ridiculously low price. The differences were dramatic. More focused, tight, blacker, smoother, more detailed(all of the things that the PC people say). I now heard things in music I never heard before. It took a product that I didn't think could get any better to another level. I cannot wait until I get a new CD player, to be able to swap in a good power cord.
Eldragon - I upgraded the stock cord on a CAL Icon MKII with the Harmonic Tech. Pro II cord and there was nothing but improvent in the sound. It became more dynamic with single notes coming out of a darker background. This was immediately noticable on light classical pieces and piano concertos. I do not see how the detail increased when the background became quieter but this seems to be what I am hearing as I am sometimes startled by notes (and percussive shots) coming out of nowhere on pieces that I thought I was familiar with. It also extended the LF information (while at the same time keeping it tight and under control) which makes my system sound smoother and increases the depth of the soundstage as well. Instruments are more realistic and the overall change was pretty drastic, my wife noticed it right away and commented that "it doesn't sound as tinny". I'll take any compliments that I can get. I do not understand the term "forward" that I read in reviews and on this sight. For example are NHT Super One's the opposite of forward? I kept leaning toward the speakers when I listened to them as it seemed that I was always just outside of the soundstage and never within it. I upgraded because the stock cord on the player had a loose fit and had to be fussed with all the time to maintain a good connection. Since I needed a new cord anyway I figured that I may as well pick up a reputable one. I do not intend to switch out PC's (Ihope) as I do with IC's and probably just got lucky the first time round in getting an overall better sound in my system. I guess that like IC's, PC's all sound different. I would have to hardwire a new cord onto my amps seperate power supply and then again between the supply and the amp. I am game for this when the warrenty on the amp expires based on my experience with the CD player.
I had similar experience few weeks ago. I had Classe Cp-45 preamp driving Dunlavy V's through the Classe CA-400 amp. Sound was great. Then recently I added the $6500 (retail) Classe SSP-50 HT processor. The processor have thicker(better?) cord. Since I am an audiophile first, I used the 'better' cord for CP-45, 2 channel preamp. And the sound changed to not my liking: less focus,more grunge,soundstage change,etc. I was worried sick as to what happened. Then I remembered that only thing I changed for Stereo listening was the power cord switch. I changed it back and I got my original soundback after an agonizing 3.5 weeks! Yes power cords do make a difference, but like the one of the post said, it is trial and error method. Expensive or thicker does not mean ' better' . I also put a thread rightaway to discuss my findings. I got few good responses.Pl look it up. Their inputs generally were to install dedicated balanced poer line which is sure shot to make difference. Happy listening!!
That's great you all had these tremendous experiences in sound- due to a power cord. But I must know, what cords did you buy? Will a $60 power cord make a noticable change? Also, how vast is the difference in sound between a sub-$100 power cord and one that is several hundred dollars?
I would love to hear your comments.
You have to match power cords just like any other component. A power cord that sounds great on your cd player may not sound as good on your amp - it is sort of hit and miss. And a more expensive power cord will not always sound better.....depends on how well it matches your gear. I have heard the Electroglide FatBoy, and it does make a pretty dramatic difference, but I didn't care for it as it had a hump in the upper bass/lower midrange region. I prefer something more neutral, like the JPS Kaptovator (this is the power cord I am currently using) The Kaptovator doesn't change the sound as dramatically as some other power cords, but instead does a superb job of enhancing the sound you already have. I know there are some power cord manufacturers who use networks, and can basically make a power cord sound any way they want them to. The right power cord can be sonic bliss.....the wrong one may sound like crap. You just have to do a lot of experimenting.
Yes, you have discovered the magic of power cords. Does not seem possible given the cheap solid copper wire in the wall. I have recently evaluated several power cords, Electraglide, Harmonic Tech, Cardas, NBS, and Pure Note. They all sound different, some are better in the highs or stronger in the bass. I settled on the Pure Note silver cord for several reaons: It sounded best overall, the connectors were better than the others, quality is very high with the braided metal jacket. It was also fairly priced at $800, 2.0m.
I never disputed the difference a power cord could make, but recently a new friend was nice enough to lend me a couple different ones, and no doubt there was a difference. The cords with my pre created a fuller sound which was particularly good for the vocals. No surprise, however, that my Classe 70 hated them both (it is very picky about outlets and the power grid). With the 70, both cords bloated the midbass and thickened the sound too much. One pair of cords were Tiffanys, I think. I do not know what the others were, but I remembering him telling me they were higher quality.
So you think Electraglide is great. Take a look at this link.
It describes what a cable distributor found when he opened my
Electraglide Fatman.