Wounded Bird

I've seen quite a few long out of print albums reissued by the Wounded Bird label recently. (They seem to have a special fixation on Eagles-related solo albums.) Their web-site is silent regarding remastering. Has anyone purchased any Wounded Bird cds? How do they sound? Thanks for any info!
I have bought several of their reissues and they have all been marked 'remastered' on the packaging. I have several of the reissues on the original vinyl and also on Columbia/Sony CD's. They sound infinitely better than the Columbia/Sony CD's and are very competitive with the original vinyl. I have not looked at their website and don't know the magnitude of their reissue list.
some are-some are not, but all have sounded really good.
Bought a re-issue last summer. I don't believe it is re-mastered. Overall sound is pretty good.

I (and others) detect a noise in 2 songs that are not part of the music. However, we all feel that the flaw is in the original tapes & not a defect in the cd.

Overall, good product & service.