Wouldn't it be nice...

...if Linn would offer a high-quality MM/MC phono card which could be retrofitted to all versions of the Classik? Essentially, this would be an upgrade that would convert the AUX input to phono.

This would offer us no-money-o-philes a totally complete system cheap. And a reasonably good one at that. Any other Linn-heads out there agree? Disagree?
Hell yeah, I'd buy one. That input goes unused on mine anyway, and it would be cool to have a phono input as an option on that piece. Who knows, it could happen... probably not as a retrofit though but perhaps incorporated into the next version of the classik.

Didn't they do something like that for the Wakonda a few years ago? I'm sure if they thought there was a market for it, they might do it.

Ivor? Are you listening? :o)
I own two Classik's, put me down for a pair of phono inputs. I found it unusual that Linn would overlook analog, I suppose it was an attempt to keep the cost down?