Wouldn't it be great if...

We could post pictures of our systems on audiogon similar to the ones on audioreview.com? I know that for myself, as a newbie, would love to see pictures of the rooms, speaker placement, treatments etc., when people are discussing the different changes and the sounds that result. Who knows...maybe I have already been looking at all of your systems on audioreview...if you are one of those people, please let us all know where to go on that site to see it. Thanks

Ellery911. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! Audioreview.com does this for FREE for members of their site and they don't even have to pay for ads! As paying members, we should have this option available to us in the VIRTUAL SYSTEMS section. Audiogon has already implemented this in the Classifieds and Auction sections and should extend it to the VIRTUAL SYSTEMS section also. I'm sure if we get enough responses to this thread Audiogon will implement it. Great thread Ellery911
Ellery-That would be nice theres a section at Audio Asylum called "inmates systems" and some of them have links to pictures of member systems. I still don't have a freaking digital camera so I wouldn't be able to partcipate but I would enjoy looking as well. If any one can figure it out the picture whore B_white ;) will be able to do it, hell he probably has a picture of my system!!

That would be great! You have my vote -- hopefully, the fine folks at Audiogon are "listening". It would be particularly nice to see the room setting since the acoustics make such a huge difference.
AA has an excellent Inmate Systems utility.

Post gear, music, pics of rooms. All these things would help put questions/remakrs in conext, but it'll let memeber get to know each other better.

Something along those lines would be excellent.

Here's mine: