Would you use an Ortofon A90 on a Jelco tonearm?

i sold my ART9 cartridge and now looking for an upgrade. I like Ortofon carts. I have been able to locate a low mileage A90 and a Per  windfeld cartridge that I could afford. I don't have a top quality tonearm though. Would you put an A90 on a tonearm like Jelco 750d ? Or would you spend additional $1000 on a better tonearm and get a less exotic cart like the windfeld ?
I forgot to mention that I also own an MC2000, re-tipped by Axel under the auspices of a person who lives in Europe and who then sold it to me.  The seller is near and dear to our hearts.  I need to drag the MC2000 out of storage and give it another go.
Which sut, headamp or phono stage do you use with MC2000, Lew ?
And which tonearm ? My ortofon MC200 is here in the box.
I'm running an MC-A90 on a Denon DP500M which I think uses a Jelco tone arm. It works excellent. Almost no rumble (excess woofer shake), and it sounds very, very good...

Bimasta, Your first two sentences are contradictory in the sense

that praise and critical remarks don't mix well. In my reading

you wrote: ''I enjoy your post but what you write make no sense''.

You ''argument'' was : ''my Koetsu has no hole in its cantilever

so searching for styli which will fit in the cantilevers holes make

no sense''. I called your reasoning ''induction'' and illustrated this

kind of reasoning by: ''my girl is a hooker so all girls are hooker''.

This is exactly the same ''argument'' as your Koetsu whithout hole.

You other , ''simplicity argument'' , is that gluing the stylus  at the

under side of the canilever (aka ''without hole'') is easy and should

be cheaper. I assume that you do this kind of retipping by yourself 

so you know what is involved. Well what is involved is first additional

treatment of the styli by cutting them ''shorter'' for the purpose. Then

the glue need to be used on both sides ; the stylus and the

cantilever such that we get an ''elastic connection'' between them.

Alas. As J. Carr mentioned in the same thread about cantilevers

materials the drawback by ''exotic materialls'' is that glue must be

used for them. The glue between the stylus and the cantilever

is not such a good thing because of the needed rigidity between

the involved parts. I am not sure if in this context or connection

a hole with stylus glued IN is worst  then the whole stylus surface

glued at the under side of the cantilever. Speaking about ''simplicity''.

I thought that Einstein meant something totally different (grin).

Hi Pani,

I have listened to an A90 in my system on a Jelco 750D with a TTW VTA collar mod for several years. The A90 is sensitive enough to pick up the tonearms character. I listened with two other arms in addition to the Jelco and could easily hear a difference with each arm. The MC A90 is easy to adjust due to its easily visible stylus and cantilever.

The combination of the A90 and Jelco was really good but not the best in my system.  The Jelco had good bass control and very quiet presentation but was not as extended and airy on the top as compared to the other arms.  I liked the A90 on my Audiomods Series V the best, although the bass was more solid on the Jelco.  
I think getting the A90 with the right headshell for the Jelco would be the right thing to try.