Would you upgrade to 3D for Blurays like Pac Rim?

Saw Pacific Rim at the movie theater in IMAX 3D a month or two ago and, though I mostly snickered at the film, which felt more to me like a modernistic version of old throwback Giant Robot, Godzilla and the Gargantuan films from the 60's, mated with the latest tech used to make Transformers and Battle Ship. Mostly, it was kinda silly, but fun 3D visuals and sound, for sure. It was WOW factor at first, but then just alright after the film was all said and done -descent entertainment.
I also must admit that I've not really been so interested in upgrading to 3D in my projection system at home, and have been quite satisfied with my JVC 2D system on a large screen, to date. BUT!,..I also admit that I have recently been "teased" into entertaining the idea of upgrading (?) my system to doing 3D, particularly to show off what a large screen 3D projection system can do, and simply enjoy what's capable from some films that ONLY are worth a watch, merely because of the large screen 3D experience and big sound! One of these, yes even as silly as it may be, are the likes of Pacific Rim, played back as it was in the cinemas. -Big sound, big 3D WOW image, for that extra fun factor from my system!
Bottom line, as I walk through Best Buy, the more I look at BluRay films that have been released in 3D lately -Pac Rim, Underworld Awakenings, Abe Lincoln Vampire Killer, Tron Legacy, and ponder the likes of Oblivion and Gravity (to be released), I must admit, it's hard to consider buying standard 2D BluRay, when the likely superior overall viewing experience is to be had with the typically more expensive 3D bluRay purchase! So, I'm considering upgrading a bit sooner, just to be able to add these goodies to my collection.
Anyone else here feel more compelled lately, due to more and more of these 3D flicks coming down the pike, to make a move to 3D in your system? Curious if others feel the same these days?
3D can be very impressive, but there are more 3D movies which are not that special. I think it will take some time before 3D will be a normal thing in all tv's. It will not be with glasses on. The latest 3D tv'd have less flickering during 3D movies. But the content is much too small to be interested for a big group of people. Time will tell!
The best 2d Large screen LED sets basically come with 3d already. I own full array local dimming led sets from Sony and sharp elite both of which have active 3 d.

Tougher decision if you have top end blue ray projector or tv set before 3 d was available.

In TVs however, the best 2k LED sets have 3d active already built in.

Most new titles are coming out in 3d, and buying thru amazon at 24 - 30$ is worth it for the 3d experimence at home.

The overall question is further complicated by 4k and OLED now hitting the market but that content will be extremely limited for several years.
Been thinking about it.

3D certainly enhances the viewing experience. I can see the benefit to Gravity, Pacific Rim, and even Avatar. But the degree of enhancement is not enough to make 3D a "must have" at least for me. I would still enjoy such movies viewing them in 2D.

On the negative side, I detest having to wear any kind of 3D glasses, including the polarizing ones they give us in the theaters. Of course, the cost of the equipment also gives me pause.

So far, the deciding vote for me lies in the continuing fluidity of 3D technology. It seems the industry hasn't settled on a universal standard for home viewing. And indeed, the technology itself is still evolving at a fair pace, getting better. I don't want to buy a system that I am uncomfortable using and then find that it has been obsoleted in less than a year.

So I'll keep waiting.
Jameswei, good points! I've not even really been thinking about some "unified" format for delivering 3D content to my system. So, I'm assuming that any discs I buy NOW are not going to change anything down the compatibility-road, right??? Also, the equipment, on the other hand, can be delivered in the home in different methods/technologies, is that correct?
I do remember reading that different video projectors or even sources, deliver the 3D using quite different methods, but I kinda forgot about that. Do you think that will be an issue down the road, with selecting either certain 3D bluray discs, and also specific 3D capable display equipment now?
I'd like to make sure that if I do go 3D, that I won't be forced into having to make a change in the next 5 years, just because I have 3D discs in my system that I just purchased. Although I'm pretty sure I will do just that for upgrading to 4K, when it becomes more standardized.
But, at very least, I'm wondering if my 3D discs are going to work any different down the line, when 3D delivery systems change, if at all?
Huble 3D; most stunning 3D movie sofar.
Anyone else here feel more compelled lately, due to more and more of these 3D flicks coming down the pike, to make a move to 3D in your system?

Good posting... "Compelled" is an interesting choice which shows that marketing, advertising and seductive store displays are working so you purchase a technology that is still evolving.

I suffer periodic bouts of techno lust to max out and upgrade but and I find that the research and setup can be exhausting.

To quote Obi-Wan: Use the force and resist the dark side
I rent from 3D Bluray Rental. It is not as fast and big as Netflix but their inventory is improving.

I am enjoying 3D now despite some of its shortcomings, but you don't have to invest on the media to do so or use it to decide whether to jump into the technology or not.
I have a a lazy eye so I never see just one image, always two. Having it all my life made it easy to compensate until I saw my first 3D movie and for the most part, it doesn't really work that well since both eyes have to be in sync.

It was not until Avatar and Prometheus that I actually enjoyed the 3D experience but I had to expend more energy than a normal visioned person would. So for me, 3D is just a gimic. I've found that for the most part, a well engineered plasma and possibly the new OLEDs have such great color saturation and gradation along with those deeper blacks so that it appears 3D to a convincing point.

I guess this was a long way to say that no, I don't feel compelled to go the 3D route but if it works for you, go for it.

All the best,
Lol. Here's the funny part....for whatever reason, I decided to purchase some 3D Bluray discs today at Best Buy today, mostly because there are some movies I wanted for my collection, they were available on Bluray 3D/Bluray standard combo set, they were ON SALE, and I also had both Best Buy gift card balance remaining to used up, AND discount printout coupons from my BB Rewards card! So, all of that, and I decided to buy some 3D goodies!
Of course, the catch is that I do not have a 3D display or projector yet! So, the discs will likely be sitting in my collection for some time, until I eventually upgrade. (hey, maybe It'll get me to upgrade sooner?!)
Well, there you are! I'm buying 3D media (probably coulda waited for even better sales on Black Friday, but I had the bug to buy some stuuuufff!) and I can't even view the darned things! What a concept
Well, here's my take on it... I like it!

The better the monitor or projector the better the 3D experience. I base that on the ability to lessen the ghosting effect. The technology is now moving into an area where ghosting will be completely eliminated as long as you can afford it. OLED with 4K capabilities are now becoming available. It will be many years before 3D, without glasses, will be available/affordable to the general consumer.

I do not have any experience with projection so I cannot comment on that. I can tell you this... Plasma monitors have a better 3D picture but, they're dimmer than the LCD & LED monitors. They do need a dark room.

As far as the glasses go... they really aren't that big a deal for me & my wife. We feel they're worth the little annoyance of having to wear them. Others can't stand them... and some folks can't wear them. There are some people who actually cannot see the 3D effect, a small number of people. Then there's those folks who actually get sick/dizzy watching 3D content.

One of the Blu-Rays I'll mention is Avatar. The difference watching that disc in 3D was unbelievable! 3D doesn't put you into the picture, it's the added dimension of depth that just brings the home movie watching experience a notch higher and more enjoyable. WOW, Avatar in 3D is something else!

The other thing I try to do is buy 3D movies that also have the 2D disc included. Not all come this way. The other thing about some of the 3D discs is that they have a selection that comes up on screen for you to choose whether you want to watch the movie in 3D or 2D. Again, not all have this. We do not have a problem with that. Our TV comes with the ability to watch a 3D disc in 2D and also the ability to watch a 2D disc in 3D. The TV does the conversion. Only problem I've had with this is that the up-conversion to 3D from a 2D disc is definitely not as good as an actual 3D Blu-Ray disc. It's also kind of fun to watch TV in 3D from the up-converted 2D picture, football's kinda cool for a while but then we go back to the 2D broadcast. Broadcast up-conversion to 3D is the lowest quality picture. But to us, it's still fun to watch.

Another example is the very movie you mention. I watched Pacific Rim down in Scottsdale in my Hotel room. Was down there for Laser Spine Surgery, don't know why I even needed to throw that in there! Anyway, I watched it on their flat screen HDTV. Now their TV obviously isn't what we put into our homes but I did get to see it in 2D. The movie itself was not good but it was something I wanted to see on our TV in 3D. Wow, what a difference! I now actually like the movie just because of what 3D did for it. Doesn't change the fact that the movie's still pretty hokie but loved the 3D action scenes! I did see quite a bit of ghosting while watching in 3D but it was tolerable.

I can't say to you, yes you should upgrade. 3D is a subjective format that gets different reactions from different folks.

Don't know if this helps you on whether to do 3D or not. It's just my take along with the experience of watching 3D at home... we like it!