Would you recommend Merlin speakers for HT?

Please give me your inputs. Thanks
Depends on what you expect from an HT experience/speaker really! For some, it's fine. For other's, it greatly depends on the application!
The simple answer, without touching on all the variables, is that the TSM's and VSM's will work most effectively for you in settings where you hear more dirrect sound from the speakers, rather than simultaneous(or almost) reflections mixed with the speakers sound propegation, and or where they're set up so that you're hearing MUCH MORE DIRRECT SOUND than "direct reflected sound"! These conditions often exist with heavily acoustically treated rooms, or in smaller room settings where you sit close the speakers, thus hearing a proportionately larger amount of "dirrect vs. relected" sound!
If you doubt, simply see what "THX select" is endorsing for smaller room applications. The designs are simple "tweeter over mid/woof designs often...where as more "limited dispersion" and or more "focused" array speakers are endored for larger room environemnts.
If you notice, more "limited dispersion" and more "controled focus" speaker designs are often endored for movie playback. There's reasons for this.
In short, I've owned the Merlin's, and have installed an played with many other's over the years, as it's my profession to do so.
I've had infinitely better results with such designs(Merlin TSM's and VSM's) in either smaller room settings(not considering EQ'ing or bass balance in such), or more agressively acoustically engineered environements!
A properly setup of VSM's or TSM's in a smaller/medium romo setting, sitting closer to the speakers in a basic room, can yield great sound I find! With strong gear, and clean well set up electronics, there's great potential, yes..if that helps.
To answer that question you have trely properly and practically however, it must be qualified by first recommending you enlist the help of a qualified acoustical/sysetm set up engineer or expert however! Simply stated, the gear is only as good as who's implementing it!!!!...especially when you consider the gear is MAYBE only half the equation sonically!
This is why a few month's back "HT magazine's" article on "ultimate home theater on a budget" article first hired 3 of the best acoustical and home theater room engineers in the biz to do their room/set up's! So that is not to be overlooked.
Hope this helps.
So, my answer...yes, the Merlin's can work very well...but it depends. Perhaps this last qualifier is why I find so many people,even with the best gear money can buy, most often end up getting short changed on the sonic results of their systems...user error!
Hi, I have a Lexicon MC8 and the Merlin VSM's plus Bobby's center channel Merlin (VSM without the sand in the base) The center channel is very attractive even in the basic black. It does a great job. Prior, I had a Paradigm cc300. The Paradign was nice, but the Merlin does seem to blend in better with the mains.
I have a large room about 30 long by 20 wide and a celing of 15 feet. The amp is a Parasound 5 channel (200W?). The nice thing is that the Merlins can be pushed to higher volume levels without sounding strained. I do feel that if you want the chest pounding thuds, a sub is required. I have a Paradigm 15" powered and am relatively pleased. As any speaker, positioning is very important. I have considered a REl Stadium based only on reading and a discussion with Bobby. But finances and the desire to stay married have kept me from any purchases (at least for now - I'm sure I can eventually sweet talk...).
Position of the Merlins is very important. I find moderate differences simply bringing them away from my walls a little. Ideally, I believe they need about 18", but for me, I'm doing good to do 12"

I used to have Martin Logan SL3's which gave a very open soundstage but not much in the air moving dynamics. I enjoy music and find the 2 way to be just as enjoyable with this set up.
Good luck.
After a while, it's a lot of personal preference and how much money you have to spend.