Would You Rather ......

Be in the studio while your all time favorite record was made and listen along with the producer , band members on the speakers they used for mastering the album ? or hear it on a cost no object system ?
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Having been to both a couple of pop recording sessions and a classical one (can't speak to jazz recordings, they might be different), I can say that you likely will never really hear the finished product in the studio while the musicians are playing (they may be around for the mixing, but I'm talking about while playing their instruments and singing). A lot of stopping and starting with orchestras, and plenty of overdubbing and signal manipulation on the pop side (and some classical, like DG). I'm sure some purist recording companies do it differently, but I'm talking about mainstream stuff here. I think it would be instructive to be with the producer as he/she makes the final product, with the artist's input, to hear what the recording is intended to sound like when I hear it on my system, but personally, in answer to your question I'd say neither, I'd rather hear a live performance in concert by the artist.
Agreed ..... Final recorded product on a killer system or live in the front row seats,
Aristotle said it best: "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts."

The only way I'd like to listen to it being done live is with a small acoustic performance or in the front row for orchestra.

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