Would you pay to rent my media/video room

Just curious, I have a 20x25' video room. 100" screen, sony hd projector, xbox ps2 gc sega and t1 access. black walls recessed lights and theater carpet and a big leather couch. Dont you think this would be a cool place and play some hi end games? Price point $50.00 hourly.That is only 12.50 / 4 people. You could even watch dvd's

btw there is also a m&k pro surround with 2 subs.

What about a smaller room with plasma tv and smaller surround setup for 20.00 hourly for 2 people max with nice surroundings.

Not a werid person, just thinking there are some really cool toys the regular guy cant afford to buy but darn sure could rent.

Get away from mom, wife,work,home,reality, just a neat place to go?

What are your ideas, pro and con

You might have a hard time running something like that out of yer home.

For the most part, the only people who would want to pay 50 an hour for movies or music would be audiophiles, which is not a very big part of the consumer market, plus, they are probably spending all thier money on thier own gear.

Neat idea though. But i doubt you could pull it off for 50 bucks an hour. Maybe 20 an hour. Not that yer gear is bad, sounds like you have a sweet setup.

I just dont think there would be enough demand.
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Are you really willing to clean up that kind of mess? My creative mind is running wild right now and I wouldn't want to clean up THAT kind of mess if you catch my drift! I really don't think its a very good idea honestly- let's face it the average person doesn't really care and surely is not going to pay $50 an hour to watch a 3 hour movie. Hate to rain on your parade but its the second time you've asked this question and its still just as off the wall as it was last time.
I can go to a movie for about $10.00 for two hours. I have friends with nice big HTs where I can go for free. No attraction for me, I guess I'm too cheap.

Remember people don't take care of things that don't belong to them. Have you ever rented a car, how did you drive it???
Sorry about the repeat post ( sort of ) tireguy.
The reason I ask again is we are seriously considering putting in a wireless isp in our area. Trying to think out of the box and bring in more cash while building the customer base on the isp side of the house.

Where our office would be located is in a college town with more alot of young people with some disposable cash, and looking for entertainment.

My thinking is so many kids spend all their money on games or dvd's. I had to do a lock in for my son and his friends ( 15, 10&11yr old boys ) All but one stayed up all night playing games I really mean all night.

I read single males between 18 and 29 yrs old spend 20% of their disposable cash on video games. I would like my part of that.

I dont want to sound like a fruit, but I think a person could put some cubical ? like rooms with maybe a decent plasma and surround sound and entertain the younger crowds. So I didnt mean to mislead about "my" room. This would be a commercial venture that is after gamers. And someone would monitor the rooms and they would be large glass doors in the backand pc web cams for security. ( I was a kid one time with some really bad friends) so yea, kind of know what to look for.

Dont shoot a guy for dreaming. I just like my room so much that I think someone else might pay for something fun.
I just see how many young people that spend spend spend on console games.

Just an idea,

I've been in cities in other countries where they have places that have party rooms you can rent to watch movies, play Karaoke, or whatever. Big college and teenage handouts from what I saw..
It wouldn't work due to the fact that you're asking too much! When you were that age could you afford that? You still sound weird for inviting total strangers into your home?
If you've got a stripper pole I'd pay ten bucks to get in.
In the case of showing movies and charging your "patrons", you would be in violation of copyright laws if you did not pay a royalty to the owner of the content- unless you limit your selection to non-copyrighted home movies. DVD's etc. are for private viewing only! Read the "FBI Warning" that comes on after the movie- it's there for a reason. I don't know if the same applies to video games, though. I'm not saying you would necessarily get caught, but it's worth considering..
Stripper pole and I am there. Otherwise, join the crowd. It just won't work. I had a HT consultation and installation buisness for about 2 years. First thing is this. We are far and few between. I expected everyone would share my enthusiasm for hi-end HT. Nope, I was wrong.
Most people wouldn't know the difference from a RCA set or the next. More than half of my calls were from people needing me to reset their clock on the VCR after a power failure. They all wanted to get the cheapest gear from the local Sears or worse. And then wanted me to make it all work.I finally refused work because I was not putting my name on some real crappy setup.
Bottom line is most people don't care about your room.
But, you add the stripper pole and a few of us will be pitching in.
The stripper pole does not work, one of my friends tried that along with a dentist chair- don't ask. He can't seem to attract the crowd he's looking for even when he hires strippers for parties.
Damn! Even the dentist chair failed? Did it have a spit sink attachment?
spit sink, bright light and electric/hydralic motor to go up/down and tilt forward and backward- to tell you the truth it really is pretty comfortable. Besides the WOW factor of people when they see the thing is pretty cool- makes the stripper pole seem dull.
Tireguy, with that complete set up, all you needed was Laurence Olivier dressed up as a dentist asking, "Is it safe?"
Reminds me of Korean video parlors. Teenagers rent rooms w/ a TV & a couch. Price point is waaay lower, though, and Koreans were already used to renting karaoke rooms. Anyway, I echo the comments that it's a bad idea in your own home. Actually, come to think of it there are also PC rooms in Korea for gaming (a bit like cyber cafes but with a lower price point and the ability to play networked games not just surf the net).
Like Quake 3 Arena LAN wars?
I don't know about anyone else but 50% of the fun is building it, and the other is enjoying in your home. It's nice to drive someones Ferrari but the real joy is having your own, that's the long version of NO WAY>
Raguirre, when were you in Korea? Just curious, I was there in 78 till end of 79. WILD times man.
I've never been to Korea. My ex-girlfriend is Korean and so I learned a bit about the place while dating her.

Gunbei - Probably. I don't really play computer games, so I'm not that familiar with actual titles.
Here's a brief explanation of video & PC rooms.

A pretty good bit if.......It has a vertical pole with attached live female entertainers.

If not, then about ohh $5.00 hour, since I can go to a movie for about that.
I wouldnt let the public come to my house and tear up my favorite toy room. Plus they would get lost trying to get to our place anyway.

The idea is like the setup that Raguirre spoke of. Just a place to go get away and have some fun. I really dont want to babysit but hey, Im around this stuff with my kids and their friends for the next few years anyway so why not have some fun out of it. ( I would hire the room thing to be supervised by someone else)

Would it be illegal to watch a dvd rented or purchased somewhere else if the renter/owner of the program watched it in this room? I understand rebroadcast of sporting programs and satellite rebroadcast for more than x amount of people and also the screen size thing like what happened to the superbowl in las vegas.

Again just thinking how to pump up cash flow at first, and maybe the corporation can buy some of my excess equipment and I can buy some new toys myself.

Really hope the wifi thing works.

Hey Kelton,

My 18-year-old son is on his way with 5 of his buddies. Nice kids, all. Really.

I'll pay until he's 21 and gets a job, then he can come back home. I recommend earplugs, frozen pizza, and a good insurance agent.

(You do accept credit cards, no?)