Would You Pay $9.95 For Satillite Radio

According to a recent Stereophile article,( see web site ) satillite radio is getting ready to launch a media blitz costing 100 MM to tout their new $9.95 per month commercial free service. Do you think this thing will fly ? More importantly, would you spend your beer money for it ?
I'd have to listen to the content and judge the audio quality before I'd sign a long-term contract. I currently get DMX as part of my digital cable package, and I'm not impressed with it. Of the 40+ channels of music it offers, maybe 5 interest me (most of it is crap). The one aspect of digital satellite broadcasting that may be a boon, however, is the car reception. One of the satellite broadcasting companies that is getting started in the Seattle area will have a system that allows you to receive broadcasts in your car and home, which may make it worthwhile. I'm not going to rush out and plunk down a lot of money, however, until it's proven. I've waited a long time for satellite digital TV to come down in price and offer the choices I wanted (such as local stations), and I'm quite content to wait a couple of years to see how digital radio performs.
I have Dish Network and truly love the audio channels. Except for occasional talk radio, I don't ever use my analog tuner. There have been times (pre-Tivo) that I thought about getting rid of my Dish Network due to a lack of viewing time in the summer. What kept me from getting rid of Dish was the great(commercial free)music available all summer long for the patio or in the garage via the remote speakers. Currently I have to record the music to listen to it in my car. I would consider the digital channels for my car if the programming was as good as my Dish Network audio. Coincidentally, the new PVR box digital out to my Pass Labs D1 has very good sound in the remote locations. In the main room, its short-comings are more noticeable. It is the quality of a mid grade CD player. Of course it is important to remember it is going through a $6000(list price)D/A converter. Best Regards, Aaron
I have to check in with a "NO" vote. I pay $20.95/month + $5(additional tv) for my DishNetwork satellite feed. I opt not to pay the additional $10/month for the additional channels, which include the music. To me, it is not worth it. Between my satellite, cell phone, and internet services, I feel I am paying for too many things already. As long as there are free radio feeds that I enjoy(lucky to have WXPN, WRTI, and the like in Philadelphia), I cannot see paying for radio. When I am in my car or kitchen, I am perfectly happy to listen to the radio. I view listening in those environs as secondary to another activity. My serious listening is done on my "real" system. I look at that as an ACTIVE process. Choosing, listening, etc. are not passive activities to me. I choose music to fit my exact mood. That often includes not only the style of music, but the artist. Sometimes, I will repeat the same song(or songs), over and over. As it is today, I prefer to go out and BUY a CD that I own, and can listen to at my discretion.
No. I'm assuming the quality and content of this package would be similar to what you get on DirecTV or Dish with the commercial-free music channels, and I don't find them all that compelling compared to my own CD collection. I have the CD changer in my car, so there's always a nice selection of possible music options there as well. If somebody told me I couldn't have my music any other way, I think $9.95 is a reasonable price for such a service, and I would take it as an only alternative, but as somebody else said, these subscription fees pile up in every direction and this wouldn't be one that I would add. -Kirk
Unlike Trelja, I enjoy the variety that Satellite TV has to offer, and gladly plunk down my cash for the channels. I do not however see any need for the music channels, but then again, if it weren't for talk on the FM band, I wouldn't even listen to broadcast radio.

The Boston market, which is on the large side, caters to the masses to make a buck in broadcast radio, and I can't imagine the music selection will be any better over a satellite feed. I don’t have an MBA from the Wharton School, but it would seem they have to reach out to a market that will listen to the music, probably my kids, even if they aren’t ultimately the ones that will pay for it. I'd much rather take my chances in making a purchase recommended by folks that listen to and enjoy music found on sites such as this, than endure the pain of searching for music that I may enjoy on the radio, whether it’s tuned frequency modulation, or de-scrambled, decoded bits.

But, I bet it succeeds!
i'd be interested, depending on sound-quality, programming, & if i could get it w/o having to subscribe to any wideo channels. we presently get 3 tv stations - *more* than enuff, imo! ;~)

doug s.

Most definite. I always have my Direct TV's music channels on. No commercials and whatever type of mood I'm in is the type of music I listen to.
When I first heard about these services I thought for sure that I was going to be an early adopter. For several years now I have had DMX directly from their satillite with 110 channels. About 10 of their channels interest me and I listen to it regularly but primarily as background. I looked more closely at the listings for the new satillite services and they don't have the classical music coverage of DMX (four channels)that would drive an additional purchase. I pay about $15 per month for DMX direct.

I use my auto time to listen to historic performances of classical music where sound quality hardly matters or to preview unusual music before dedicating my unfortunately scarce time in front of my main system.

So on a closer look, I likely won't get the service until I buy a new car where the service comes as a package.
Yes I would/will. Remember guys we are not talking about something that competes with DMX or your home cable. This is a mobile system for cars. No more vast waste land while driving cross country.
here's a timely note. BMW, north america will be installing serius radios in select 2002 models. see: http://www.radiohorizon.com/index.php3?fcn=displayarticle&id=2086