Would you help me complete a system?

Hi everybody,
I have gotten to the final stage of building a first system consisting of Dynaudio's Excite x12 and Arcam's Rdac. I only have't bought an integrated amplifier which should cost around a flexible U$1000. I will be using a MBP, Apple TV and DVD player as sources.
I know people ask these things all the time but I am interested in cases of successful system matching. I listen to all kinds of music maybe more rock, pop, brazilian or experimental stuff than jazz or classical, for instance. I guess I also need at least 50w since I will using it in my living room. Thanks for taking the time.
Stretch a bit, and do a Rogue or Manley integrated tube based solution. Just do it.
Manley and Rogue are great if the OP wants to go the route of tubes.

Are you interested in a tube integrated or solid state? Very nice speakers you have by the way.
I've recently been looking to upgrade my Onkyo TX-8255, which has served me well driving my Focus 140s. You can find that unit on Onkyo's website for under $150, and it has been adequate in my 14x18 living room. I've been looking to upgrade, and a guy who owns an AV shop around here says that Creek Audio is coming out with a new integrated amp in the next month or two. If you're ok, it may be worthwhile to wait for that to come out before you make any decisions.

Recently, I've seen a Music Hall a35.2 for $800 on ebay, a few Marantz PM8004s go for ~$700-$800, Creek Evolution 2s for about the same. They all look to be pretty decent amplifiers.

In my opinion, and this is strictly opinion as others are entitled to think what they want, solid state is less of a hassle (I'm not one to tinker), and I want to reproduce my audio as close as possible to the original recorded material. It's all up to you as you listen and forge your own opinions in time. Good luck with your search and let us know what you end up getting!
OP,I owned Dynaudio Focus 140's & drove them with a Cayin A-55T(40 wpc.Tube Integrated Amp).The sound was absolutely sublime so my suggestion is to get as many tubes in your system as possible.There is a gently used Unison Research Unico P Integrated amp for sale here right now that would sound FANTASTIC with your Excites & it's within your budget.Another option would be the Jolida JD202 or 302 at 40 & 50 wpc.