Would you get ASC Tube Traps or RealTraps

Hi, I am debating between ASC 16" Tube Traps and RealTraps Corner Traps. I am trying to understand the absorption data that both companies publish but I am a bit confused. I think sabines is the better measure (vs absorption coefficient) but admittingly I am a bit over my head in this area.

Any feedback that will help me pick one over the other would be greatly appreciated.
I'd go for broadband absorbers like RealTraps. Tube traps are frequency specific (tuned) and unless you are an acoustician you may end up with making things sound worse. Broadband absorbers installed across corners improve things 99% of the time - so that is the approach that I would take.
I've had experience with both and have owned both. I've found Realtraps to give a more satisfying result and to be more flexible in terms of placement. I currently have eight REaltraps in my listening room, including Mondo traps in the corners. They do a great job. I have some Sonex JRs on the ceiling, but I plan to replace them with REaltraps in the near future. Tube Traps do work, but I've found that the expense and amount of tweaking needed make them less cost effective.
I owned ASC's before I went to Realtrap Mondo Traps... I would have had to have 3x times the number of large ASC traps to be as effective as the realtraps.