Would you cancel 3,250 deal cause 16 short?

Made a deal with a guy in Germany to buy his cable for $3,250 including shipping, but because the money arrived to his account short by $16 (international wire transfer) he got upset and paid $50 to return my money back? ?? I couldn't believe it!!! even though I told him that I will send you $50 to cover any charges and even help with shipping. Granted, my bank screwed up making the wire transfer the first time around but the money got there eventually, the whole thing took two weeks. My bank charged me $40. The bad thing is I sold my cable knowing that I already bought a new one. I am so pissed, Was I at fault here? Did it happen with any of you before?
It could have been worse. What if you sent the money and never got the cables? Be glad you got your money back . This person lost a sale and paid $50.00. You at least had your money returned and were taught a $40.00 lesson. You are better off than he is,it is time to start over.
You are a very trusting soul to send that amount of money without using an escrow service but I guess you had your reasons. If it had been my cable I would have called you and inquired as to the short funds and then waited for the remainder to show up - hey I got the cash and still have the cable in my hands, I'm sitting pretty at this moment in time. If no extra funds show up I'll deduct my actual loss (bank fees)and send you back the remaining funds and wait for another buyer.

Sorry that you are without a cable and hopefully something will turn up soon. Maybe make sure for the next time with a few phone calls in advance of money changing hands or bank accounts...
I had the very same thing happen--on a $1000 sale I had the bank take out $16 for a wire transfer charge. I forgot about it, and sent the cable. He is a jerk. Life is too short for this nonsense.
I work hard for my money as all of you do, but getting all pissy over 16 bucks is infantile. If I had been the seller, I would have shipped the cables with a note explaining that I was shorted $16 and would the buyer, as a gentleman, be willing to send the additional money. If the buyer sent the $16, I would have felt very fortunate to have done business with such an honorable person. If not, such is life. Myoussif, I would be happy to trade with you. I'm certain that it wasn't your intention to short change the seller.
I wonder if the seller was looking for an excuse to back out of the deal? Spending $50 to return funds that were short by $16.00, sounds like a better deal was offered to the seller. The only other explanation that would make some sense is, the seller's "elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor!"
I'm with Rosstaman. I don't think we know the whole story. You don't break a deal for .005%. He had a better-nearer deal.

I remain,
Rosstaman is probably right. The other possible explanation is that there are more horses asses in this world than there are horses.
Well, yes I trusted the guy, I talked to him couple of times on the phone, he is a PhD and he had 27 points on the AG feedback system. So I figured that he is not going to screw me up.

Any ways, I guess the deal was too good and he might have realized that because the next guy up was asking $6k for his. It was the Transparent XL 8ft speaker cable. Or the other theory I have is he found somebody else to pay him more. You see, he told me so before I sent the money, but I told him that I understand you will stand to gain more and I have no problem canceling the deal, he said NO it is not a money issue, I just wanted to make sure that you will buy it. I told him please review my feedback I have more than 70 points and when I say that I will buy then it is done.

The funny part is he claims that I didn’t follow the deal by paying for all the bank charges!! I have, and I instructed my bank to do so, I offered to make it up, what else could I’ve done. He said that if I leave a –ve feedback for him he would do the same. Could you believe that?

Thank you guys and I already started over and I am sure I will find something better, it just now I am listening with these old cables that don't match the level of my gear and I am sure anything else would sound better and that is why I will try not to rush.

Thanks again for your support
Geez, it must be nice to have $3200 laying around to buy what, one pair of speaker cable? Sorry, I could't resist!

You must be a bond trader.

Mtyoussif, just curious. About 1 yr ago sold an expensive IC - good stuff - to a "Ph.d. in Germany" and then, about three months ago, the guy starts jammimg me in a thread, even though we'd gotten along fine. I think he'd gotten into the newest flavor-of-the-month cable, somehow, in a weird audiophile spasm, became ticked at me for selling him mine, and thought he'd diss me when I wasn't looking (which I had a "conversation" with him about). He was fine during the deal but then turned suddenly. The guy you are dealing with - his audiogon ticker - wouldn't happen to begin with "S" and end with "y" would it?
Nope, wrong guy. Geez, how many irascible-cable-loving-German-Ph.d's are there out roaming the audiogon countryside? Do a probability analysis on that one...
Jwrobinson, well it is a crazy hobby anyways, you see once you try the better cable, it is very hard to go back. By the way the cable new is listed for $10K. I thought you would like to know that.
I think that it is a sign from the heavans telling you that it is absurd and insane to spend $3250 for a cable. Be happy that you received this sign. Build your own cable out of high quality silver or coppper and put the $3150 you will have left over to good use.
Well, when you have a two-channel system that retails for well over $50K, I don't think that $100 cable will quite cut it for you. I am currently using a $300 cable from Transparent and I hate my system to the point that I don't even listen to it any more. I am waiting for my new cables to arrive. I really can hear the difference of cables in my system. Recently I had a friend of mine came to my house and hear my system with and without a little 1 for 3 power adaptor connected to my mono amps. Now the guy is not audiophile and doesn't know any thing about this crazy hobby, but when I told him what to listen for, he was able to spot it every time on a blind test. You see I had to do that because I was thinking that I was getting crazy, what a little adaptor would do? But it does make a difference, at least with my system.
Krisgel, I can tell you from my personal experience that cables DO make a difference. In the beginning of my hobby, when my system was still moderate, I could live with Monster cables, but the more my system grew, the more it got refined over the years, the more did I have to change the cables along the way.
So without sounding arrogant, but if a system has reached a certain level, cables will more and more start to become an important integrated part of the system.
Now if you feel, you cannot hear a difference, you are a lucky guy, since this will save you thousands of dollars. Good cables can be expensive.
I will repeat my Mantra all over:
Try to limit your choice of cables to four different brands, (you can either get a cable loan from the Cable Company, or you can buy your cables on a "money back guarantee" base) audition the cables thoroughly and only then decide which cable, or none at all, you are going to buy.