Would you buy a piece of gear with a defect?

I'm auditioning a Parasound JC2 pre amp that the left input on channel 1 does not work. Would you buy it as is? How much should this reduce the price of the unit? Everything else seems fine. I'm wondering if folks will buy defective gear? The asking price is $1500 as is. Opinions?

Thanks in advance.
Many times I’ve purchased units with issues. Many Have been restored to full operation. Some have taught me a lot about how much I don’t know. Nothing gambled, nothing gained?
A new JC2 BP is like 4500. If you were patient, a used one could come up at some point for 2500-3000. 

1500 for a broken unit is a little high for me. You have no idea what is wrong. It could be something cheap or extremely expensive. 

What does Parasounds inventory look like right now? We are in the middle of a pandemic that is wreaking havoc on supply chains. Will they have the preamp in for repair for two weeks, four, twenty six? No way to know.

There is a JC-2 on Audiogon for 1900, full working condition as a like for like comparison.
My Melody integrated amp sold new for $2500. Checking around I found the importer had one with shipping damage, all cosmetic, cracked transformer cover, small paint chip. Offered it to me for half. I asked about a warranty. He said buy it as-is $800. Sold. I mod my stuff anyway. I would totally buy damaged goods. But it all depends on the details.
Why buy someone else’s headache? And it’s not cosmetic. Obviously the seller doesn’t want to deal with the problem. Do you?