Would you buy a Dahlquit-10 if one was available for purchase near you

Are these speakers worth saving and re-conditioned? A seller has put them up local to me and I am intrigued. Please advise, is it worth the time and money. Thanks !
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Someone just recently posted they picked up a pair for $375 in great working condition. Bargain accordingly.
 I used to sell those back in the day, they did a lot of things right and improved greatly with electronics.. a Hafler dh 500 could make them sing.  They do need some room to breathe . Imaging is outstanding set up on their stands. Front to back depth was exceptional as well as sound stage .  I did have a friend of mine who had modded his with Sequerra ribbon tweeters along with some Janus subs. That was a pretty impressive sounding set up.  room to work.
I would get them if they were in reasonable shape and priced correctly.
Janus subs...now we're talking about the old days.
They are listed for 250 and I went checked them out and they look to be in decent shape. The owner said he got the woofers re-foamed 8 or 10 years ago by the dahlquist company. What do you guys think?

Also I currently have a Magnepan 1.7i's do you think this speaker will be similar or have a different sound. The reason I ask is that I have limited space and only want to get if it is something different from what I have.

Thanks for all the responses.
Keep the 1.7i speakers.

The DQ 10 was an excellent speaker in their day. It would be a different sound imo .. with good power quick, snappy bass , not a heavy low end boom to them but probably a realistic representation. DQ 10’s are a very non boxy sound with good detail. I never found the Piezo ’s that off putting , the frequency they operated at was fairly high and they could handle power for dynamic swings in music also gave them an airy or spacious sound compared to most boxed speakers at the time. The Magnepan’s are wonderful speakers but they do need space to do their thing. I think for the money they would be a fun speaker to play around with. They might surprise you, as they say the ear is always the final arbitrator..
I'm the one who found a pair of DQ-10's fully refurbished (woofers, cross-overs, grill cloth, custom stands) nearby for $375! Bargain of the year, perhaps! I rushed over to snag them before they disappeared!
Also, don't overlook the DQ-20 and DQ-30! Different driver arrangement (vertical vs. horizontal) but excellent SQ competitive with today's big-buck speakers!
I have had quite a collective amount of speakers and equipment throughout the years ( as many others have ).When I had my DQ10s, I drove them with a GAS Ampzilla, and with a pair of Janis W1s with the interphase amps ( 1 for each ). These were the days I was into imaging and holographic presentation,1st and foremost. Purchased a pair of Khorns, and the DQ system sounded dead and lifeless. I realized dynamic range was more important to me, as this was more like live unamplified music. I modified the DQ10 frames and stands to better deal with resonance and movement issues, because I found this to be a problem. Got rid of the Piezo, added Decca ribbons, recapped, and moved the crossovers outside of the frames, and they sounded better. On the other recent DQ10 thread brought up elsewhere, Michael Green stated that any audiophile should have the experience of owning a pair, sometime throughout their lifetime. I partly agree, because back then they did some incredible things. My opinion however, is that they do not compare to today’s offerings . But, I am glad I owned them. Enjoy ! MrD.
For 375.00 it would be hard to fault not taking a chance on those. Great sounding speaker. I remember fondly listening to I believe a mobile fidelity recording of the Door's Rider's on the storm thru a pair of DQ 10's in a darkened listening room, not having to push them loudly to get them to disappear into the night.  fun times..
Thanks guys for the input. After much consideration, I came to the conclusion that I neither have the space nor the time for this project. You can only do so much.  I will pass on it.