would wyred 4 sound mono blocks be a good choice f

would wyred 4 sound mono block amps be a good choice for B&W 801 matrix s2
Power wise yes it will work fine. Reports from the field however indicate that quality wise you may want to invest a little more (maybe a lot). Others who know high power SS will have to chip in. One amp used for panels is getting good reports is Sanders Sound Systems MagTech. you may want to look there. If you can afford it I always like the big monster Class A biased amps like from Pass etc. Price will dictate what you can get.
I am using the SX-500 mono amps with Von Schweikert VR-4 JRs. The average impedance is 6 Ohms with 4 Ohms on the bass unit and 8 Ohms on the upper unit. The sensitivity is 89 dB. Your speakers are similar. These amps drive the VS very well. Plenty of volume. Clean articulate bass and very life like mid range and upper frequencies. As to the sound you like and the overall synergy, I can't say. But these amps will have no trouble driving your speakers.
thanks Tgrisham i will consider them.
Take a look at Wyred mAmp. Great sound, great price. Even better sounding than previous series.