Would vinyl even be invented today?

Records, cartridges and tonearms seem like such an unlikely method to play music--a bit of Rube Goldberg. Would anyone even dream of this today? It's like the typewriter keyboard--the version we have may not be the best, but it stays due to the path dependence effect. If vinyl evolved from some crude wax cylinder to a piece of rock careening off walls of vinyl, hasn't it reached the limits of the approach? Not trying to be critical--just trying to get my head around it.
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We all have our guilty pleasures...safe new year to all!...and remember a taxi beats a dwi everytime...cheers!

For your pleasure. http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Hipster

These are the people solely responsible for the resurgance in vinyl. If it weren't the vinyl sales would still be what they were 10 or 15 years ago. Existing yes, but no way would there be as many choices as we have now. If you notice on the bottom of the page of things you need to be a hipster, turntable, followed by polaroid camera.

Should we have a discussion on the quality of polaroid photos or will we at least all agree they are pretty bad. And yes, sales of polaroid film packs is going through the roof, not by Polaroid though. The hipsters waited until they got out of the market before it became cool.
vinyl(record/albums) not on the list. Just turntables. So I am guessing, it is just the appearance of and not the actual usage/interest/spinning of vinyl records. So in my mind that would tend to disprove your point. Besides it also suggest you do not take the list to seriously. So spin'm if you gotum. Besides I think Polaroid cameras are cool📼📱🚵📷😎🔊. can you believe it no scarves or tattoos
What about flannel shirts and irony?...I had no idea how useful the hipsters are.
So Jack White's Lazaretto set the record for sales of vinyl for 1 week at 40,000. Biggest one week sales of a LP ever. I wonder what the demographics on that album looked like?

If it is anything like the people that go to Jack White concerts, it is not 50 year old audiophiles.

more hipster irony explained