Would vinyl even be invented today?

Records, cartridges and tonearms seem like such an unlikely method to play music--a bit of Rube Goldberg. Would anyone even dream of this today? It's like the typewriter keyboard--the version we have may not be the best, but it stays due to the path dependence effect. If vinyl evolved from some crude wax cylinder to a piece of rock careening off walls of vinyl, hasn't it reached the limits of the approach? Not trying to be critical--just trying to get my head around it.
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Probably not...the era of actually dedicating time to listen to an Lp side uninterrupted not to mention physically playing a record...although not extinct...is a somewhat forgotten, nostalgic time for most... even with those that grew up with lps...time constraints, lifestyle changes, portability, etc have changed the landscape a bit...although vinyl is holding on...we live in a different world then the 70s as far as entertainment choices...internet, gaming, HDTV, sports galore
The Lp stemmed from an era where individuals set aside time to listen to music...and not just audiophiles...folks with meager systems as well...it morphed a bit in the 70s when classic rock ruled the airwaves...and music became more social than solitary...the huge live concerts aimed...at partying youth...boomboxes at the beach blasting FM...I was bit too young to really enjoy this era...I came in at the tail end so I'm more of an 80s child (gasp)....but it was fun!
Lp cover art...can't roll a joint on an iPod!
The core of the vinyl movement is not post modern ironic hipsters...that is the resurgence aspect...the faithful are those that didn't pitch their Lps in the 80s when cassettes peaked and CDs broke...but hey, if it takes kids in flannel, pbr caps, and mustaches to keep the dream alive...so be it!
Lets try and not be too didactic or judgemental...people do questionable things all the time...stay up.all night for concert tickets, wait in line for hours at trendy restaurants, purchase overpriced Bose componets, etc...but that is their choice and their right...sure there are those that think audiophile forums are for weirdos.
We all have our guilty pleasures...safe new year to all!...and remember a taxi beats a dwi everytime...cheers!